Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #126


The Whirlwind

  1. Overture/ Whirlwind
  2. The Wind Blew Them All Away
  3. On The Prowl
  4. A Man Can Feel
  5. Out Of The Night
  6. Rose Colored Glasses
  7. Evermore
  8. Set Us Free
  9. Lay Down Your Life
  10. Pieces Of Heaven
  11. Is It Really Happening?



The Whirlwind (cont.)
1. Dancing With Eternal Glory

2. All Of The Above
3. We All Need Some Light
4. Duel With The Devil


Bridge Across Forever
Stranger In Your Soul

Audio Source : Nickeh
Mastering : BobS
Cover Art : Amy Baranoski
Photos : Tom Wallace

"Three Hour Tour"
April 23, 2010
The Blender Theater At Gramercy - New York, NY

Sign up : 6/16/2010
Tree Closes : 6/30/2010


During “All Of The Above” at 22:06 it sounds like a gun being loaded
During “We All Need Some Light” at 1:12 and 1:41 there is cellphone interference (turn your phone off while taping Nick)
During “Bridge Across Forever” at 1:20 the gun is being loaded again (possibly getting ready to hit the streets of NYC??!!)

A fantastic performance. An excellent recording.
During “The Wind Blew Them All Away” Neils’ mic gave out and the band needed to jam a bit to cover this.
During “On The Prowl” there are snippets of “Freeway Jam” and “West Side Story”

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