Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #124


Intro Tape
A Nightmare To Remember
A Rite Of Passage
Hollow Years
The Spirit Carries On
As I Am


The Count Of Tuscany

The Evils Of Rock And Roll
Neuropsychopatic Eye
Pain Killers
Mad Hatter
Money Machine

CD THREE (Opeth)

Lotus Eater
Reverie / Harlequin Forest*
White Cluster*
Hex Omega

(* First ever performance)

Audio Source : Borlag
Mastering : BobS
Cover Art :
Steve Johnson

"Fargin Icehall"
September 23, 2009
Icehall - Helsinki, Finland

Sign up : 3/1/2010
Tree Closes : 3/16/2010
Public Release : 5/16/2010



Originally the Progressive Nation tour was going to include Unexpect for the tour, but they had to cancel the Helsinki show for technical reasons. The venue was a bit over half full, although at times it looked emptier than that, I take it that was due to the ever popular beer runs.

Recorded directly in front of the soundboard. No phasing should occur as I stayed put the whole time. During Bigelf and Opeth I had some chatters to the left of me, and for Dream Theater they were to my right. Neither one of those groups were that distracting or loud though. The loudest chatters much to my surprise were at the soundboard, luckily they didn't continue that for very long.

The mixing was rather bad throughout the show, with the clearest mix being during the Bigelf set. During Opeth it was alright in the beginning and in the mellow parts, but every time the double bass kicked in, it turned into one big blur. During Dream Theater it was decent to begin with, around the mid point of the show LaBrie's vocals were pretty much ruined by insane amounts of echo. Portnoy also had problems with his bass drum early on the show, after he switched to the other side, it was alright.

- Borlag on September 24th 2009

As Borlag stated the sound had some issues. What I found with some careful eqing and re-balancing we get a killer sounding show. It took a bit to peel away the skin, but what is left is a very clean recording that is very much in your face. Opeth sounds the worst of the three performances, it seemed that the soundman put mud into the mix on purpose. This set took some extra work but it sounds pretty good now.

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