Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #125


A Nightmare To Remember
A Rite Of Passage
Hollow Years
Prophets Of War
Solitary Shell


Beyond This Life
Percussive Nation

   Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)
   Pat Skeffington (Scale The Summit)
   Frosh (Bigelf)
   Joe Travers (Zappa Plays Zappa)
Guitar Wars
   Dweezil Zappa
   Steve Vai
   John Petrucci
   Jordan Rudess (Zen Riffer)

Beyond This Life
The Count Of Tuscany



(Zappa Plays Zappa)

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
Inca Roads
The Black Page #1
The Black Page #2
Village Of The Sun> Echidna’s Arf> Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?
Bamboozled By Love
Broken Hearts Are For Asshole (lead vocal/drums Mike Portnoy)
Peaches En Regalia (Mike Portnoy drums)
Pound For A Brown



The Evils Of Rock And Roll
Neuropsychopathic Eye
Blackball (Mike Portnoy drums)
Money, It’s Pure Evil

Audio Sources : BobS / Scott Hansen
Audio Mastering :BobS
Cover Art : Steve Johnson (Some images used under stock license)
Concert Photos : R. Beardsley


Sign up : 4/12/10
Public Release : 7/4/2010

“ Greek Theater”
August 29th 2009
Greek Theater - Los Angeles, CA
(GDT-R125 Limited Edition)



Other than very minimum phasing, none.

This was the third day in a row of shows for me, and it was nice to get home. Met Wey at the airport and went home to recharge my recorder batteries and offload the previous days shows onto the workstation and wait for Scotty to arrive. Head off to the venue early to take care of some pre show business (which is a story in it’s self) and get our tickets and passes. After a fine dinner of hot dogs and French fries <cough> I find my way to our seats, which are just off center about 20 rows up just in time for the start of Bigelf. They begin a very spirited set as they are from LA and also glad to be home. MP joined the band on Blackball. After the set is complete someone tells me that my mics are way too obvious, so I decide to go outside and relocate them to my hat. Since I had seen the start times posted earlier I knew I had 15 minutes to get this done. After ten minutes I hear the crowd roar and I make a mad dash for the seats. I knew that something special was going to happen at this show but didn’t exactly know what it was to be, but the ZPZ early start had me wondering. You can hear on the recording me running back into the venue, so the first few minutes of Apostrophe sounds way off, another excellent performance. Surprise number two was MP joining in on BHAFA and Peaches En Regalia on drums and vocals.
According to the stage timing DT was due to hit the stage 20 minutes after ZPZ, but after what happened earlier I decide to stay put. This paid off as DT came on after 10 minutes. The band and crowd were in very high spirits. This time on ANTR MP did full blown cookie monster, which everyone seemed to enjoy. After Hollow Years the Bigelf guys did a little tour end hijinks. They performed a Star Wars fight scene on stage complete with sound effects through the PA everyone got a good laugh from that.
It seemed a little odd that Beyond This Life was in the set list, and midway though the biggest surprise was brought out. MP goes into a drum solo, then calls out the drummers from the support bands one by one. We have Percussive Nation happening! The most entertaining part came from Joe Travers as he gave Mike a real run for his money. If that wasn’t enough after this completed Mike calls out DZ to come and jam, after that he says “The nice thing about playing LA is that you never know who will show up” and out comes Steve Vai, the place goes wild and so does he. Then JP joins in and the three of them trade licks, after a time JR joins in on his Zen Riffer. It was 32:28 of pure heaven. After seeing this it was now clear why they had everyone start earlier than planned. They then come for the encore of TCOT. I don’t think that had planned on jamming that long and this song was played way faster than I had heard it before, they cut almost 2 minutes off the run time.

Due to the recording position, very little was needed as far as shaping the sound. Being outside and with no wind the sound was nearly perfect. Unfortunately this also magnified the problem I had with the soundman for the whole tour. He constantly used what sounded like a plate reverb on JLB’s voice that had a major peak at about 720hz. This gave his voice a very hollow sound, which for me ruined a consistently excellent performance by James.


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