Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #130


A Nightmare To Remember
Constant Motion
A Rite of Passage
Hollow Years


Prophets Of War
Take The Time
The Count Of Tuscany

The Evils Of Rock & Roll
Neuropsychopathic Eye
Money, It’s Pure Evil

CD THREE (Zappa Plays Zappa)

The Purple Lagoon
Village Of The Sun
Echidnas’ Arf
Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing
My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
Inca Roads
Magic Fingers
More Trouble Every Day (incomplete)


Audio Source : BobS
Mastering : BobS
Cover Art :
Steve Johnson

"'scuse Me While I Fix My Hair"
August 28, 2009
The Joint - Las Vegas, NV

Sign up : 8/17/10
Tree Closes : 9/1/10
Public Release : 11/1/10


There was a woman in my general area that just couldn’t keep quiet during Dream Thater's portion of the show (most noticeable during the intro to Voices and TCOT and during the Beautiful Agony section of ANTO. Otherwise, not distracting.) There is also a sharp whistle at the beginning of TCOT and towards the end of Take The Time.

Night two of three. Nearly a massive fail to remember. Since I was on the road, I had charged up 2 sets of batteries before leaving home. During my pre show prep at the hotel room I change my batteries and flash card. When I opened the battery compartment, they flew out on to the bed right next to the new pair. I grab a pair of batteries, turn on the recorder, which shows full charge. I format the card, and head off to the gig. Bigelf comes on and I record with no issues. ZPZ comes on, same thing. This time I check at the end of the set and the recorder is off. I look, and the batteries are dead. I must have grabbed the used batteries from the night before. I had remembered that there was a small store inside the casino, I run as soon as ZPZ is done. They tell me that they are out of AA batteries. I decide to take a chance. There is a convenience store across the parking lot and on the opposite side of the intersection (this distance is about ¼ mile). I get to the store, and see the batteries behind the counter. Problem is that there is some drunk buying 3 24 oz. beers and is short money and is wandering around not knowing what to do and the cashier is just standing there doing nothing. I step up and tell the cashier I will pay the difference. I get the batteries and start running back to the venue. The intersection I need to cross is one of the major ones and is about a full minute between cycles. I see the light getting ready to change as I am leaving the store. I sprint across the lot into the intersection just as the light turns red, I run into oncoming traffic causing many horns to start off. I just keep running. I change the batteries while on the run through the casino parking lot and hit record. I remembered seeing a side door to the venue as I was leaving, I found it and lucky for me it was open. This saved about 5 minutes, as I would have had to navigate through a very crowded casino to get to the venue. I try to look casual as I re-enter the venue. I get back to my seat and the lights go down and DT hits the stage.

BigElf & Zappa Plays Zappa sets are included as a bonus.

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