Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #121


A Nightmare To Remember
A Rite Of Passage
Hollow Years
The Dance Of Eternity
One Last Time
Solitary Shell


In The Name Of God
The Count Of Tuscany

The Evils Of Rock And Roll
Pain Killers
Money, It’s Pure Evil

CD THREE (Zappa Plays Zappa)

Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
The Purple Lagoon
Village Of The Sun
Echinda’s Arf
Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?
Magic Fingers
Inca Roads
Bamboozled By Love
Pound For A Brown
Willie The Pimp


Audio Source : BobS
Mastering : BobS
Cover Art :
R. Beardsley
Graphics & Photos : Under Stock License

"In The Name Of Frogs"
August 27, 2009
San Jose Civic Auditorium - San Jose, CA

Sign up : 11/6/09
Tree Closes : 11/21/09
Public Release : 1/21/10



This was my first of three nights in a row. First off the venue was a glorified gymnasium, the sound would prove to be a challenge both for me, and the sound guy. I ended up with a seat location in the 5th row that was to be occupied by the bands spouses and children. You can hear them at the beginning of the show. Most of the work for me on this show was to minimize the sound reflections. In the end a decent sounding show. In my opinion, ZPZ won this night. I found their performance far superior to DT’s in this night. The band and Dweezel in particular was on fire.

BigElf & Zappa Plays Zappa sets are included as a bonus.

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