Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #80

CD 1 : Paul Gilbert
Get Out Of My Yard
Hurry Up
Rusty Old Boat
Scarified (Racer X)
Scit Scat Wah (Racer X)
Space Ship One
To Be With You *tease* (Mr. Big)
Addicted To That Rush *tease* (Mr. Big)
Green Tinted 60’s Mind

CD 2 : John Petrucci
Jaws Of Life
Glasgow Kiss
Lost Without You
Wishful Thinking
Damage Control

CD 3 : Joe Satriani
One Big Rush
Flying In A Blue Dream
Cool #9
Ice 9
Satch Boogie
Crowd Chant
The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
Surfing With The Alien
Always With Me, Always With You

CD 4: G3 Jam
Hendrix Jam (Foxy Lady / Purple Haze / Voodoo Chile )
Goin’ Down
Jumpin’ Jack Flash

G3 Jam 6/29/01 *Previously Uncirculated Source*
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, and Steve Lukather
La Grange
Voodoo Chile
Goin’ Down

John Petrucci 6/29/01 *Previously Uncirculated Source*
Paradigm Shift / Erotomania


Source : BobS
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : R. Beardsley
Photos by : R. Beardsley & Charles Colletti

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Tree Closes : 4/11/07
Population By / Public Release: 6/11/07

G3 2007
Gilbert / Petrucci / Satriani
"G307 Los Angeles ”
March 18, 2007
The Orpheum, Los Angeles, CA




This was an interesting recording. The location was row 5 center stage right.  The recording location gives this recording something of a strange sound in that we are hearing both stage and PA which are slightly out of sync giving it a bit of a distant sound. Processing was not that intense other than trying to minimize the distant sound, which was greatly improved by way of the harmonic balancer removing the two hot frequencies at 480 and 1170hz. The only other problem with this show is that there was this guy that insisted on screaming throughout the show right into my right mic which I did my best to minimize.

For the show experience it's self what a blast! Night starts out meeting many forumers. Before the show Wey and I look for the smoking area, which we were told was out in the alley which happend to be next to the backstage area. We are the only ones out there, I turn to the side and who should come walking down but none other than the man himself! He recognizes us and stops by for a chat. Oddly enough no one else is around so we get to talk for about 5 minutes before others started showing up, so Mike decides to leave before it gets too crazy. We had to tell the others that they should have taken up smoking ;) All performers were in top form which you will soon hear. They seem to have changed up how the G3 jam starts this year which is really cool. Rather than Joe finishing his set and bringing everyone out he plays "Always With Me, Always With You" and towards the end JP comes out and does a very nice lead within the song, then PG comes out and does the same. Then they just drift into the jam, a much better flow to the show. Hope you all enjoy this as much as we did! A complete video of the show will be available in the coming months after we marry this audio to it.


Main : None
Bonus :Slight DAT warble in Goin’ Down from 6/29/01

G3 Jam from Los Angeles 6/29/01 with special guests Paul Gilbert & Steve Lukather (previously uncirculated source)
John Petrucci from Los Angeles 6/29/01 - Paradigm Shift / Erotomania (previously uncirculated source)

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