Grateful Dreams Trading Tree #04


1. Going Under
2. Haunted
3. Taking Over Me
4. Everybody's Fool
5. My Last Breath
6. Farther Away
7. Even In Death
8. Bring Me To Life
9. Tourniquet
10. Imaginary
11. Encore break
12. My Immortal
13. Whisper

(Total Time: 59:01)

Original Cover Art & Design 2003 by Weymolith

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Samples Not Merited : Quality (Audiance B-) Very Listenable

TREE CLOSED : 6/4/03

Public Trading Begins 7/04/03

Evanescence - 4/18/2003 - Audio 1CD -  The Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA (USA)

Comments on the audio : The show is complete, and has been Remaster~D by Big Drahma for best sound quality from the raw source recording. Based on other recordings I have heard from The Electric Factory, I would put this on a slightly higher grade than the "Brotherly Deceit" (8-7-00) Dream Theater bootleg. All instruments are audible, and aside from Amy's mic cutting out during "Going Under," this is a great performance with the audiance giving back the energy to the band. Amy even remarks how energetic they are.

The Art : Having previously done the artwork for Dream Theater's "Brotherly Deceit" bootleg from the same venue, I wanted to stick with the same lightning effects I had previously used. This meant digging out an ancient CD of old Photoshop plug-ins and trying to remember the exact combination. I think I got close. My original idea for the title of the bootleg was "Electric Liberty" as the person that made this available to me had liberated it from voiced over MP3s that were circulating on the net. Due to the taper making his reasoning behind that known ("not wanting it to appear on Ebay") I decided the guy can't be that bad. I even emailed him to let him know about the cover art and remastering. But therefore decided to name it simply. "Live At The Electric Factory." The artwork was already completed with the Liberty Bell, and as that is a monument sacred to our nation, and housed in Philadelphia, I feel it's addition the cover art is fitting. The back cover art is inspired by the plethora of Gabriel era Genesis concerts I've been watching.... and the curiosity of how Amy would appear as the character "Lady Liberty" silhouetted against the Philadelphia skyline.

WHY EVANESCENCE? - Why not! They're a great band, and I don't feel I should limit myself to strickly Dream Theater releases. (For those of you not familiar, we also do a lot of releases for local band FLOATER that we don't announce to the general public due to limited demand.) We have two more Evanescence shows inbound.. 5-22-03 and 5-24-03 and we hope they will be of worthy quality for release.

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