Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #45

CD 1 : Dream Theater

01 – The Glass Prison
02 – Under A Glass Moon
03 – Misunderstood
04 – Home
05– Hollow Years
06– Erotomania
07– Voices
08– The Silent Man
09 – Metropolis Part 1

CD 2 : Queensryche

01 - Introduction
02 - Open
03 - NM 156
04 - Screaming In Digital
05 - I Am I
06 - Damaged
07 - Empire
08 - Desert Dance
09 - Jet City Woman
10 - Silent Lucidity
11 - Anarchy - X
12 - Revolution Calling
13 - Speak

Recorded by : R. Hagen
Audio Imaging : Chris Hughes
Covers by : Rai Beardsley

CD 3 : Queensryche & Encore

01 - Eyes Of A Stranger 
02 - Take Hold Of The Flame
03 – The Best I Can
04 - Real World
05 - The Spirit Carries On
06 - Won't Get Fooled Again

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Dream Theater & Queensryche
August 1st 2003
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall - Portland OR
"Return To The Rose City"


Patches were used during segments of The Glass Prison, Home, Hollow Years, and Erotomania. TGP & Home are from a video source of this show, HY and Erotomania are patched from GDT-R19, which was the following nights show.

There is diginoise present in Open at 1:42

Due to the remastering, corrections and the quality of the initial recording I would rate it a B, however, due to the errors that were corrected in the Dream Theater set, this recording gets a flat rating of C. This show sounds great on a high fidelity system and is completely listenable and enjoyable. The final grade is only due to the corrections that had to be made to the raw master. This is a GDT-R release, not a GDT-C. There were some obnoxious Queensryche fans around the taper, but Chris has done a pretty good job of removing them.

Dream Theater were every enthusiastic to return to Portland and their set is full of energy!

Initially intended to be a four disc set with video of 3 DT songs, a video compression that preserved the quality to my tastes on the size on one SVCD or VCD was not found, (I care not to dwelve into the world of Quicktime encoding) the idea was scrapped. There is not enough material to even begin to justify a DVD of 3 songs, so perhaps in the future I will share a few of these tracks via a private torrent tracker.


This was a low volume transfer from a Mini-Disc recording so the signal was amplified as a first step. Some bass components were clearly excessive so a selective bass adjustment was used. Next, it was clear that the recording was made from some distance; maybe even from the balcony. This produced a distant, hollow-type of sound. This characteristic can not be completely eliminated but adjustments were made to minimize the effect. Hiss was reduced to enhance the enjoyment of the quiet sections of the show. Initially the show sounded too fast but careful speed comparisons to known sources found the speed of this recording to be correct.

The biggest problem with the recording was recorder failure leading to complete dropouts. These occurred multiple times, mostly during the Dream Theater segment of the show. Some needed small patches and others could be covered using engineering tricks. The beginning of the show was also missing on the MD recording so another source was needed to fill in this segment. With all this completed, a preliminary listen revealed that midrange and treble were deficient so a boost to these frequency ranges was used. Dynamics were also adjusted to enhance the recording. Audience applause and other noises were reduced as much as possible. For example, individual claps were removed in many sections in which they were intrusive.

The final step was tracking and splitting the show onto discs. The whole Dream Theater set was fit on one disc while the Queensryche set was split to provide a balance between discs 2 and 3.

~ Chris Hughes 2005~

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