Grateful Dreams Trading Tree #07

CD ONE : Queensryche

1. NM 156 (Cuts in)
2. Screaming in Digital
3. Take Hold the Flame
4. Walk in the Shadows
5. Empire
6. Jet City Woman
7. The Lady Wore Black
8. Spreading the Disease
9. The Mission
10. I Donít Believe in Love
11. Eyes of a Stranger

12. Queen of the Ryche
13. Best I Can

CD TWO : Dream Theater

1. A Clockwork Orange (Intro tape)
2. The Glass Prison
3. Under a Glass Moon
4. Home
5. Another Day
6. Erotomania
7. Voices
8. The Silent Man
9. Solitary Shell
10. Metropolis Pt. 1

CD THREE : Encore

1) Peruvian Skies
2) The Real World
3) Won't Get Fooled Again

Recorded By : Matt Meehan
Remastering : Matthew Johnston
Tree Administration : Rai Beardsley

Cover Art : Gergely Szabolcs

Dream Theater & Queensryche - 07/15/03 - Audio 3CD -  Pier 6 Concert Pavillion - Baltimore, MD - REMASTERED
"Dreams Of Queens"

Sound Professionals TFB-2 Binaurals>SP-SPSB-1@107Hz>Sony MZ-N707>CDR Master
Taped from Left Section, Row T, Seat 22

Comments on the audio :
The Dream Theater and Encore sets are complete, Queensryche's set is missing the first song "Open" and cuts into NM156 about 4 seconds before the first verse "Uniform printout reads 'End Of Line'" - More audio notes forthcoming

Based on a grading curve against the bootlegs in my collection, I would give this a listenable B


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