Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #18


Dream Theater

Metropolis Pt 1
Fatal Tragedy
Scarred / 2112 Outro


Only A Matter Of Time
Hollow Years
Pull Me Under


800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1600 x 1200

Dream Theater / Queensryche Encore

The Spirit Carries On
Take Hold Of The Flame
Comfortably Numb

Fates Warning

Disconnected / One
A Pleasant Shade Of Grade III
Point Of View
Pieces Of Me
Life In Still Water
Shutdown (Shut down)


Recorded by : Uncle Fred (Dream Theater Set)
Unknown (Fates Warning Set)
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Erik Muna
Tree Administration : Mark Flaugher

6.4 Megs

Dream Theater & Fates Warning (w/ DT&QR Encore) 7/12/03 - 2CDR
Kahuna Summerstage Wilmington DE
"shutDOWN your stormy mind "

Comments on the audio :
GRADE : B / B-
Due to venue / weather conditions, and minor errors in recording. However this is better quality than what is currently in circulation.
Scarred / 2112 Outro (8:12–8:14= digifuzz)
Only A Matter Of Time (1:15, 6:22, 6:38-6:43= digifuzz)
The Spirit Carries On (5:49= digifuzz, 5:53=hiccup)
Take Hold Of The Flame / Happy BDay JP!(4:53, 4:55, 4:57=digifuzz)** Does not occur during song or talking.

Mother nature had her fun with the festivities on this July evening. As Mike Portnoy was joining Fates Warning for a quick rendition of ‘shutDOWN' from OSI, it was decided to “shutdown” the concert due to concerns over lightning.

After an almost 90 minute delay, Queensryche took the stage to the worst weather of the evening, followed by Dream Theater.

The concert was the victim to various sound problems due to the outdoor venue and the storm.

Tapers Comments :

“Overall, it sounds pretty damn good for a tape made in an outdoor venue. There is the occasional phasing effect due to blowing wind. As far as the mix, I thought it was great. Where I was standing it was only slightly JR heavy, which I dug because the last few times I'd seen (and taped) them I was on JP' s side & could only barely hear JR.”

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