Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #150 Limited Edition


Bridges In The Sky
These Walls
Build Me Up, Break Me Down
Endless Sacrifice
Drum solo
The Silent Man
Beneath The Surface


On The Backs Of Angels
Keyboard spot
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Breaking All Illusions
Under A Glass Moon

Entire CD Version of the show in FLAC format.

Audio Sources (DVD) Bill Hoy, Aysd, Farve4, DTForeva
Audio Sources (CD) Bill Hoy, Aysd
Audio Mastering : BobS
DVD-Audio Format : 5.1 PCM Lossless
DVD-A Authoring : R. Beardsley
Cover Art : R. Beardsley (Some images used under stock license)
Concert Photos : Caroline Kok


Sign up : 8/1/12
Payment Expected By : First Come / First Serve
Public Release :
CD VERSION - 10/1/12

“Ovah Heah, Ovah Theah”
October 10th 2011
Orpheum Theatre - Boston, MA
(GDT-R150 Limited Edition)



Hard pressed to find anything significant. The sound field is
all encompassing. It sounds like you're at the show.


We are stepping into new ground with this release. Since we have so many sources with this, I decided to use all the sources, but not as a matrix which we normally do. Each source was an output channel (more on this later). I determined that Bill and Aysd were the two sources that were most direct. I did the primary eq and leveling in the native 24/96 bit depth which went out to 40k in frequency, and sounded fantastic. I had to downsample to 24/48 bit to match up with the two other sources. The two other sources were eq’ed and rough leveled. This process got all the sources sounding their best individually. I took Bill’s source and loaded it on the harmonic balancer as my reference as his source would be the left/ right source. The other sources were then loaded and matched as closely as possible to Bill’s. At this point everything moved into Audition. The sources were lined up, and I assigned the sources output channels. At this point I discovered that even though these are all digital files with the same sampling rate there are slight differences in the speed of the files. This causes the sound to be delayed and makes it sound like you are in an echo chamber and does all kinds of strange things to the phase. I went through the entire show looking at waveforms in one second increments and lining it up that way, this kept everything a close as possible. This process took over two weeks. At this point I had to determine how wide the stereo field should be on the front left and right should be. After that was done I brought in the center channel of the Aysd source, which did require additional tweaking of the left and right channels. I used the Aysd source for the sub channel, which was doubled from the center channel and lo-pass filter applied. I then brought in the surrounds of Farve4 and Dtforeva and balanced this to the fronts. In the end I made the sound stage wider than the fronts. I now had what I was going for, the feeling that you are in the Orpheum listening to the show. Direct sound coming from everywhere. The show was then exported out to 6 mono files. I then took those files and went though and removed as much of the close hand clapping as possible. Then final formatting was done so it could be imported to Discwelder to create the DVD-A.

CD :
This was created using Bill and Aysd sources. I continued the eq process in the native 24/96 bit rate and matrixed them in the traditional process. Then downsampled to 44.1 and applied a final mastering pass in Ozone.

The equipment you use to enjoy this disc will influence what features on the disc you will be able to access.

DVD-A Hardware : If your DVD player features the DVD-Audio logo, your experience will include a title placard, song menu, and a visual slideshow with an average of a new photo every 2 minutes.

DVD-A Software : Software for PC that will decode and play DVD-Audio comes in a few different flavors.
DVDFab (9 up to the current version 11) will play DVD-Audio content. Your experience will include a title placard, song menu. Depending on your system and version you are running, you may or may not see the visual slideshow. Results will vary.
Foobar2000 has a plug-in for decoding DVD-Audio tracks as well as downsampling them to 16.44 (NOT RECOMMENDED! There's a CD version with a different mix for a reason!!!)

Click HERE for the plug-in and instructions on use. I have tested this method and it works great (albiet, no visuals of any kind, menu, etc.) The tracks are listed by the track number and number of channels. (No track title)

The DVD Limited Edition contains the complete CD version of the show in FLAC format on DVD 2. It is contained in the Extras_TS folder.

Automatic Signup is suspended for this release as there are lots of options on how to get it.

The sets together as there are only 4 discs total. The DVD-A's will be custom printed, there will be no pre-printed discs to just load and mail. This will require additional time for the DVD-A sets. You know we're pretty speedy about these things, but to be on the safe side, we're asking for your patience. There is a block of time set aside to deal with the initial rush. As with R100 and R125, the DVDs will have completely different artwork from the CD set.

The first 50 paid DVD sets will be printed on silver-topped discs like R100 and R125 were, giving the disc artwork a holographic look. The remaining discs will be printed on standard white matte DVDs.

All DVDs are Taiyo Yuden Premium DVD –R.

Please make sure to check all applicable options on the application.

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