Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #142


Under A Glass Moon
These Walls
Endless Sacrifice
Mike Mangini Drum Solo
Peruvian Skies
The Great Debate


On The Backs Of Angels
Caught In A Web
Learning To Live
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
The Count Of Tuscany

Audio Source : R. W.
Mastering : BobS
Artwork : R. Beardsley
Photos : Used Under Stock License

Sign up : 8/25/11
Tree Closes : 9/8/11
Population Expected By / Public Release :11/8/11

"High Voltage"
July 26, 2011
High Voltage Festival - Hyde Park, London UK



Overall I would say this show came out a lot better than expected. With the taper using the internal mics, a lot of crowd noise was picked up. The mastering for the most part was pretty straightforward. The big problem was phasing due to people walking through and the wind. A good deal of phase correction was applied, and I was able to repair most of it. The show needed a good amount of surgery on the clappers. Throughout the show people would clap at anything. I took down the in-between song clapping overall. In song clapping was removed where appropriate. This was done at the frame level as to not cut into the music, and it took a week to complete. In the end we have a very listenable show.

In my opinion, this recording is brighter than the circulating Roland R-05 source. While there is a bit of extra crowd noise in the version, it does not suffer the phasing present during the encore, and Bob has done a masterful job painting out a lot of ambient crowd noise.

4:45 of Ytsejam "Sorry Man" could not be "painted" out.

Claps at beginning of Hollow Years are a bit loud but quiet down during the first verse. Then pick back up during the hard section thanks to James
wanting to see the hands.

A guy singing during the first verse in Fatal Tragedy is a bit blah.


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