Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #136


In The Presence Of Enemies Pt.1
Beyond This Life
A Rite Of Passage
Hollow Years
Caught In A Web


Solitary Shell
Constant Motion
As I Am
Metropolis/ Learning To live/ Crimson Sunset Medley


Audio Source : Simon Gloster
Mastering : BobS
Artwork : R. Beardsley
Photos : Stock License


Sign up : 2/18/11
Tree Closes : 3/5/11
Population Expected By / Public Release : 5/11/11

"English Miles"
June 13, 2009
Guildhall - Southampton, UK



FINALLY!!! THE ROCK HAS... err.. wait.. sorry.. still hyped up over the return of The Great One to the WWE.

FINALLY! Dream Theater comes (went) to Southampton!

FINALLY! The sister show and following night to GDT-R117 "Where's The Video" is being released. We camped on it. We made you suffer through multiple PN09 releases (much like the suffering of WWE fans watching The Rock in movies such as "Doom" and "Tooth Fairy." and now we're pulling it off the shelves. Unlike Dwayne Johnson, we're not desperate for the Wrestlemania payday, we're not doing it for the fans, and we're not doing it because there's nothing better to release... we're doing it because after making you suffer through all the PN09 releases back to back, you deserve to hear this. A refreshing setlist that we've polished up, turned sidewise, and are ready to shove straight up your... er...feed right into your eardrums.

This was the 4th show of the tour. A very good example of the soundman having no clue how to make the band sound. For whatever reason the soundman had fallen in love with reverb on vocals, in some places it sounds odd, in others I just can ’t understand his reasoning. The mix varies form very good to horrific. The sound quality did not deter the band from giving a very spirited performance. And the sound quality had nothing to do with the capture of the taper.



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