Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #99

CD 1 :

Hitler video/ Intro

Constant Motion
Panic Attack
Endless Sacrifice
The Dark Eternal Night
Keyboard solo
Lines In The Sand

CD 2 :

I Walk Beside You
Take The Time
Overture 1928
Strange DejaVu
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy

Recorded by : Piero Savini
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Steve Johnson

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Tree Closes : 5/8/08
Population Expected By : 7/8/08

Dream Theater
“The Number Of The Upside-Down Beast”
January 26, 2008
Burswood Theater - Perth, Australia



Some volume fluctuations and static in the left channel during the Pyscho / Hitler / Deep Note introduction.

Not a legitimate anamoly, but someone is allergic to Endless Sacrifice. (Barely audible, but obviously sneezing.) James forgets some of the lyrics.

Well the first show down under really ended with a bang, and not an intentional one. They were in the middle of a very nice performance when their monitor board went down. A very clean recording for a first timer! Kudos Piero. This one is worth listening too very loud!


*** A power outage on the stage blows out the monitor desk during Voices (this becomes obvious as there are a few flubs at the end and the song seems to slow down. After completing the song, the band leaves the stage for the situation to be repaired and after 30 minutes are forced to cancel the remainder of the show due to the desk never rebooting. The majority of the 30 minutes has been edited out of this recording for the sake of timing, but includes both James’s comments as well as Mike’s apology at the end of the show.

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