Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #105

CD 1 :

Constant Motion
Strange DejaVu
Endless Sacrifice
The Dark Eternal Night

CD 2 :

Ministry Of Lost Souls
The Spirit Carries On
In The Presence Of Enemies

Recorded by : LiquidDreamTheater
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Jaime Mills

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Dream Theater
“Release The Wolves”
November 10, 2007
Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, U.K.



James makes the announcement that he'll shut up and get on with the music "Because that's the way Mike likes it."

James flubs a cue in Surrounded
Mike flubs the drums in TDEN - Followed by an "oops!"

IMO the most aggressive show performed of the entire tour to this point. Technically, not the most precise performance. But the band was in fantastic spirits, going for more fills and throwing in little extras throughout the performance. A very satisfying listen.

First of 2 shows for me on the 'Chaos In Motion' 2007 tour. This would be the 2nd time seeing DT at the Civic Hall (which is one of my fav venues in the midlands). I met up with some fellow VUK fans outside the venue as
VUK managed to secure a 'meet n' greet' for us. I won't bore you with the details but I enjoyed meeting the band (although quite briefly) and got some cool stuff signed. I will say that JM almost took my hand off!
very firm handshake he gave... :)

Anyways, got myself some prime viewing being located on the centre balcony (front row). Perfect taping conditions. The sound on the night was supurb (a little better than Blackburn the following evening). The show was excellent as always. I was glad we had different setlists at both shows I went to.

Recording came out quite good (better than Blackburn in my opinion). The only 'slight' problem is that there is a 'small' amount of low-end distortion in places. I would still rate it highly (sound quality) but the 'perfect-taper' in me wishes it wasn't there at all.

Hope you all enjoy the set, I sure did!

See ya's on the next tour in 2009!!

- Simon


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