Grateful Dreams Remastered Video Series #08

Constant Motion
Panic Attack
The Dark Eternal Night
Keyboard Solo
Lines In The Sand

In The Presence Of Enemies

VOB Conversion: Virtual Dub v1.8.6
Video Editing/ Syncing/ Video Fill In: Adobe Premiere CS3
Authoring/ Encoding : Adobe Encore at 2 pass VBR max. bit rate 10500  min.3000
Ave. Bit Rate 4733 max. 10080
Audio: LPCM slight rework of Setlist Scotty and Uncle Fred audio matrix


Video : Uncle Fred
Audio Sources : Uncle Fred / Scott Hansen
Mastering & Authoring :BobS
Photos : Rai Beardsley
Artwork : Jaime Mills

Sign up : 1/2/08
Tree Closes : 1/17/08
Population Expected By / Public Release : 3/17/08

“View From The Tower”
August 26, 2007
The Tower Theater- Philadelphia, PA



This is by no means a “perfect” video bootleg. However after over 100 edits were made we feel that this is of releasable quality.

Due to video glitches, there are “screen shots” at 3 major places.
Keyboard solo 57:29-58:30 stole video from other part of solo
ITPOE 1:34:49-1:42:50 filled in with stills and motion graphics
TOFLTNO 1:53:49-1:55:34 filled in with stills

A fine effort of a video and audio capture by Uncle Fred. This really shows off the great spirits the boys were in on this night.

The audio soundtrack of this show is not as released on GDT-R106 “Signals From The Tower.” It has been updated and matrixed with Scott Hansen’s recording for better entertainment center output.


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"View From The Tower" artwork copyright 2009 Jaime Mills