Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #98

CD 1 :

Constant Motion
Strange Deja-Vu
Take The Time
Blind Faith
Surrounded '07

CD 2 :

The Dark Eternal Night
Keyboard Solo
Lines In The Sand

In the Presence of Enemies

Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Gergely Szabolcs

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Tree Closes : 4/18/08
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Dream Theater
“The Dark Eternal Wind”
August 25, 2007
Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY



ANAMOLIES : Other than brief wind during quiet sections and audience chatter / cheering, there are no anomalies.

Another solid performance, and nothing really special. Except for maybe the wind. This caused havoc in mastering this show.The phase corrector was working overtime on this show. ITPOE took 55 minutes to process. It’s a great improvement over what I started with. Every now and again you can hear this low level chatter, this is due to not being able to completely remove the wind noise.

Not much difference here from the other shows from the 1st US Leg. Surrounded '07 is particularly moving. The wind is noticeable at some of the quieter points, such as the beginning of Blind Faith, Surrounded, the keyboard solo and the Heretic section of ITPOE Part 2. Still a great listen, especially for an outdoor show.


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