Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #95

CD 1 :

Intro Video
Constant Motion
Panic Attack
Blind Faith
Surrounded '07
The Dark Eternal Night
Keyboard Solo
Lines In The Sand

CD 2 :

In The Presence Of Enemies

Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Amy Baranoski
CD Images : Robert Medina

Member sign up : 2/6/08
Tree Closes : 2/21/08
Population Expected By : 4/21/08

Dream Theater
“Eternal Night In Boston”
August 21th, 2007
Bank of America Pavillion – Boston, MA



It’s a Scotty recording.
It’s Boston.

Do I need to say anymore?



…but then again…

I keep telling myself that I need to find some time to listen to something other than Dream Theater, so that I’m not burnt out every time we’re due to release another show, specifically with the barely alternating setlist (not bitching mind you.. just saying….) You may notice how the notes or comment sections have been getting increasingly shorter over time. Well, this past week, I’ve had every opportunity to do that. I spent 24 hours behind the microphone this past weekend playing nothing but Floater, and Monday and Tuesday nights were spent tuned into the internet broadcast of Deadheads For Obama. Now, I’m not even going to get started in on a political endorsement coming from The Dead, because it doesn’t sit right with me, and this is supposed to be about a Dream Theater bootleg. We’ll just leave it at this; 3 of the 4 surviving members of The Grateful Dead took the stage together for the first time in 4 years on a moments notice ( announced it Friday) and an internet video stream was available. Forget Prison Break, Forget WWE Raw, the boys are on stage together and the virtual parking lot has a live stream from inside the building. 3 sets (2 electric, 1 acoustic) and an amazing setlist. So coming in to this tonight with the intent to have it released in the morning for you all to sign up to, it was a nice “coming home” to listen to this show.

Now, because of the main machine running a process The Dead broadcast as well as having to compose all the emails I have to create for each release, and the webpage designs…and the CD labels….etc. I had to give this a listen on the laptop, and let me tell you, I can still tell it’s an A rating, even through these crap speakers. Great playing, no flubs, no anamolies. (Just so you don’t go getting scared, I’ve also broadcast this on DementiaRadio about a month ago, and it sounded amazing on the hi-fi speakers which is when I gave it it’s initial rating of an A.)

So really…

It’s a Scotty recording.
It’s Boston.

Oh!! And Amy did the cover art and Robert Medina of “Constant Motion” video fame sent in stills for the CD art.

Do I need to say anymore?



…but then again…

 Ah fuck it! I’m going to shut up and go listen to some Grateful Dead. Laugh at me if you will. But I’m wearing a perma-grin, and your R95 isn’t even in the mail yet. Neener Neener.



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