Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #89

CD 1 :

Intro Video
Constant Motion
Panic Attack
Dark Eternal Night
Keyboard Solo
Lines In The Sand

CD 2 :

The Spirit Carries On
In The Presence Of Enemies

Recorded by : BobS
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by :
Gergely Szabolcs

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Dream Theater
“Baptized In Lightning”
July 27, 2007
Gibson Amphitheater – Los Angeles, CA


ANAMOLIES : 1:18 – 1:20,  2:10 digital noise   Misunderstood

This venue has some of the best acoustics of almost any place I have been throughout the world. And for DT I was not disappointed. For me this was the 4th show I had attended that week. The taping location was at FOH, just like the Queensryche recording. Almost no crowd and by this point I was getting the settings on my new rig pretty dialed in. There were some issues going on with the mix early on and at one point you can hear MP say something about it to his tech. About a minute into Scarred the mix really cleans up, and is kick ass from there forward. I had a lot of friends with me for this show, and my usual wingman Scott was with me. But seeing as this was considered my “birthday” show Scott hit the bar pretty hard and I made him sit away from me as I knew he would not be able to contain himself. The problem was that I forgot to turn off my cellphone, and he had texted me a couple of times during the show that created some interference during the intro of Misunderstood, I minimized as best as possible. The other areas were between songs and were edited out.


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"Baptized In Lightning" artwork copyright 2007
Gergely Szabolcs