Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #87

CD 1 :

Intro Video
Constant Motion
Take The Time
Blind Faith
Dark Eternal Night
Endless Sacrifice

CD 2 :

I Walk Beside You
The Spirit Carries On
In The Presence Of Enemies

Recorded by : BobS
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by :

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Dream Theater
“Schmedley Dieggo”
July 24, 2007
Open Air Theater - San Diego, CA



I originally debuted this on DementiaRadio 2 weeks ago, and everyone seemed to think it sounded awesome! The recording being released is not the mix that was played over the air. This is a 2nd remaster of the original source to correct a few Q/A issues. Let me tell you one thing though, the recording does not do the actual experience of seeing In The Presence Of Enemies in person justice.
The first of the 2007 US Leg tour shows to be released from GDT tapers, with many more to come! Enjoy!

This show marks the beginning of the U.S. leg, and also the premiere of my new recording rig. Scotty and I arrived fairly early to pick up tickets and passes, my ticket was not exactly where I hoped to be and with the good grace of others ended up switching seats and got second row just off center. I personally didn’t care for the two openers so I stayed up top and casually listened to the sets. I came to the seats about ten minutes before DT’s set and waited while the string quartet music was playing, which sounds great by the way. The lights go down and the intro music starts, and the very small crowd let the band know we were there. For a few minutes I marveled at the stage setup and the very impressive lights. The new soundman they have is very good and presents a clean even mix that is not ear bleeding. Some very nice additions to the setlist of Blind Faith (one of my favs,) Surrounded gets a face lift, and Take The Time is nice as well. The new material is just spectacular live, especially special is In The Presence Of Enemies played as one piece. The encore medley is really good, but I would have preferred that they play another full song IMO. Sound quality is good with little crowd interference. Enjoy all!!

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