Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #86

As I Am
Honor Thy Father
Constant Motion
The Dark Eternal Night
Endless Sacrifice
Panic Attack

Pull Me Under

Recorded by : BobS / Scott Hansen (Matrix Recording)
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Szabiakanich

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Dream Theater
“Fields Of Rock Festival '07 ”
June 17 2007
Fields Of Rock Festival – Biddinghuizen, Netherlands


ANAMOLIES : 05:46 Honor thy Father – fixed drop out from master

Good thing this show was so well recorded. It sounds like the band was playing a bathroom stall. It required a whole lot of EQ to fix it up. Of note it sounds as if the new soundman still is getting familiar with DT’s music, a whole lot of late cues. I hope it was just the venue, but JP’s guitar sounds awful. In this recording there is a +6db peak centered at 603hz where the guitar is just blazing, unfortunately James’ vocal is in that range also. Great care was taken to take down the peak and smooth the guitar without taking out James. I got a decent balance, but you will hear in places that nasty guitar sound, very prevalent in “Constant Motion” demonstrated by the following graph. The white line is the original freq. analysis; the yellow line is the new EQ curve.


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"Fields Of Rock Festival '07 " artwork copyright 2007 Szabolcs Gergely