Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #65

CD 1 :
Intro / The Root Of All Evil
These Walls
Another Won
A Fortune In Lies
Take The Time
Innocence Faded
Speak To Me
Strange Deja-Vu

CD 2 :
The Glass Prison
This Dying Soul
Never Enough
Wait For Sleep
Learning To Live

Recorded by : Uncle Fred
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Szabiakanich

Member sign up : 6/20/06
Tree Closes : 7/4/06
Population Expected By : 9/4/06

Dream Theater
March 26, 2006
Paramount Theater - Asbury Park, NJ


A few pops on the mic as they were positioned during the static at the beginning of The Glass Prison intro tape.
Audience noise prior to Wait For Sleep was cut to make the show fit on 2 discs.

An interesting moment when James forgets what song he is introducing (Speak To Me) – The title of this bootleg was almost “What Would You Consider This Shit? I’m Lost”

A great recording, nothing more needs be said.


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