Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #62

CD 1 :
1.  The Root of All Evil
2.  Another Won
3.  Afterlife
4.  Take the Time
5.  Caught In a Web
6.  Peruvian Skies
7.  Speak to Me
8.  Strange Deja Vu
9.  Through My Words
10.  Fatal Tragedy
11.  About To Crash (Reprise)
12.  Losing Time/Grand Finale

CD 2 :
1.  As I Am
2.  These Walls
3.  I Walk Beside You
4.  Sacrificed Sons
5.  Octavarium
6.  Wait for Sleep
7.  Learning To Live
Recorded by : BobS
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 4/8/06
Tree Closes : 4/24/06
Population Expected By / Public Release : 6/25/06

Dream Theater
March 11th, 2006
The Warfield - San Francisco, CA



Crowd noise is pretty tame except between songs.

Mild crowd conversation, most notably in Through My Words – Not too distracting, unless you get caught up in the conversation. Something about a girl making out with two different guys.


My wife and I hopped in line at about three in the afternoon.  We waited in line for about four hours and about ten minutes before the doors opened, it started to rain.  With the doormen well within an earshot, my wife yells, "Hey, why not let all the women in so we don't get rained on!"  To which I replied, "Yeah, all four of you, go ahead."  It got a pretty good laugh.

We got inside The Warfield and went straight to the front of the stage.  We were in awe that we were front and center, looking at JLB's rig and people were piling in behind us.  At this point, we still had an hour of anticipation.  During our wait, someone next to me took out his digital camera, zoomed in on JLB's set list, and he snapped a photo.  We had a great preview of what was to come. 

Finally, the house lights go down, the intro tape begins to roll, igniting sonic rage.  A stagehand comes out and removes the black cloth covering the Albino Monster.  A shadowy figure climbs behind the huge drum kit, and MP begins the intro to TROAE.  Being front and center, I and everyone around me was just incensed with excitement.  Other members of the band make their way out and the song hit full bore.  The energy was huge.  I was screaming at the top of my lungs and singing along with every word that I could remember.  The end of that song led into the "back in time" video that seemed to be the norm at this point of every show.  They began their 20 year trip through time with Another Won. JLB had the lyrics taped to the floor in front of me but I don't think he used it very much. 

Up next was Take The Time.  If I had one song to choose that I wanted to hear live, this was it.  I heard JM's opening bass line and I lost it.  Of course, JLB got the fans into it by having everyone sing along, "It's time to take the time".  I never thought I would be doing that.  A couple of songs later, Peruvian Skies started, and my wife was beside herself.  This is one of her favorite DT songs.  It looked like the night would be complete for both of us. 

Then JLB introduced the song "pulled out of the closet", as he put it, and they played Speak To Me. I was in utter shock.  I was not expecting it and it was magnificent.  The next five songs were comprised from SFAM and 6DOIT, and Losing Time was so much better than I imagined.  James was on it.  He had a great voice that night. 

After the intermission, everyone except JM came out in new clothes and they continued the 20 year trip with As I Am, and during the key times, I was yelling "Ass and balls!" in hopes JLB would sing it.  I was really hoping for an ass and balls version.  And then there was that point in the show that everyone says is strange...the twin towers video played right before Sacrificed Sons started.  It set a powerful tone to a powerful song.  It was another great song to sing along to and most of us in the front did just that.  The show wrapped up with Octavarium.  Seeing JR's continuum in use was very cool, and JLB on the keys was an added novelty.  Without a doubt, the highlight to the song was the cartoon video.  Everyone seemed to laugh at JR's depiction wearing a Santa hat and then as a wizard. It was very reminiscent of Rush's "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" video from the Vapor Trails tour.  Hopefully this cartoon is presented in some way on the 20th Anniversary DVD.  It's too good to miss.  I think the video was supposed to synch up with the music, but it was off just a bit.  JP was very into his guitar solo, going to center stage, right in front of me and with head back in the moment, some asshole next to me made a grab for his whammy bar.  I don't think JP even knew it, and I instinctively went to grab his arm like, "Show some damn respect!"  I was a little pissed at him.  All the other fans were very respectful of the band and the fact that they were within arms reach. 

The encore was nothing short of excellent.  I was never a big fan of Wait For Sleep, but strangely, it went very well with Learning To Live in a live format (on the CD, it just never clicked with me). Those two songs just matched up very well back to back and it was a great ending to the best show of my life.  During the whole encore, my wife was making little flirty waves and smiles to MP, to which he responded with big eyes and a "wow"!  If it was anyone but MP, I would have had a hard time with her doing that, but it was totally cool.  She was rewarded after the show by MP giving her one of his sweatbands.

The band came to the front for their bow and goodbyes.  I'm man enough to admit it, I started to cry, I was just moved so much by the most awesome night I have ever had. 

After the show, we waited another two hours by the bus, I met MP and JLB, who recognized me from being in the front by my Maple Leafs jersey.  The guys were very cool.  You can tell they were tired, but they took the time for those of us that waited.  I met the man, Mike Portnoy, and my night was complete.  God could have struck me dead on the walk to my car, it would have been fine.


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