Grateful Dreams Remastered Video Series #06


The Root Of All Evil
Another Won
A Fortune In Lies
Take The Time
The Mirror
Raise The Knife
Strange Deja-Vu
About To Crash
Losing Time / Grand Finale


As I Am
These Walls
I Walk Beside You
Sacrificed Sons
Sheep (Pink Floyd)
Wait for Sleep
Learning To Live

Video Source : RJPass
Audio Source : BobS, RJPass, Scott Hansen
Audio and Video Editing :BobS
Cover Art :Rai Beardsley
Cover Photo : José A. Warletta

Sign up : 7/5/06
Tree Closes : 7/26/06
Population Expected By / Public Release :

“ Into The Valley Of Steel ”
March 10 2006
Pantages Theater – Los Angeles CA

Download The Trailer - 10 megs Windows Media Video
* The sound from the trailer is from the encore of Sheep, and is only reflective of the Encore's sound. The main portion of the show is better quality.
For more information on this, see Bob's notes below*

Comments on the audio / video :

Another kick ass show in L.A. I initially had row R seats dead center, which would have been the optimum spot for a great recording, but due to some friends I was offered 2 nd row seats right in front of JM. I just couldn’t pass it up. I figured since it was L.A. there would be other tapers there and I could just enjoy the show. Just before the show starts I look to my right and see Scotty leaning on the stage. Fortunately I decide to tape anyway even though I was under the PA. Someone else surly would be taping, it seems that was not the case. The lights go down and the intro starts and I can see MP come out in the darkness, a rush of excitement comes over me, which you can hear on the recording. In all the times I have seen the band I have never been this close for obvious reasons. This show kicks ass from top to bottom, one of the better shows of the tour as you will soon see.

Next chapter, I find out that no one else has a good source and mine becomes the primary. I give the DAT’s a listen and it’s not so good, half the sound is coming off the stage and the other half is off the back wall. It was required to sonically split the recording out to sometimes 12 tracks and mix it back together to get what you are hearing now. For some reason my recorder stopped right after Octavarium so I have no audio for the stellar encore. I receive Scotty’s recording that basically has only guitar and drums, now what? I go to RJPass’s camera audio that is quite distorted. Then begins the process of manually painting out the distortion in the WAV file. This process took about a week. The change in sound will be noticable on the encore, but at least it is intact and listenable.

The video fortunately is pristine, a very well shot single camera. I applied color correction and some editing of the dead spots and it was ready to go. Overall I’m sorry to say this is not A+ quality that we are all used to, but if you knew what we had to start with, it’s pretty damn good. You are looking at over 400 hours of editing, processing and blood sweat and tears. We hope you enjoy!!


Additional Notes :

We originally intended to release this as both a DVD and CD set. However, the audio mastering on the DVD is customized to television / home entertainment system sound configurations and doesn't sound as great from CD-audio. If we receive enough requests for just the audio, we will make it available.

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