Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #61

CD 1 :
01. Intro / The Root Of All Evil
02. Never Enough
03. Another Won
04. Afterlife
05. Under a Glass Moon
06. Innocence Faded
07. Just Let Me Breathe
08. Home

CD 2 :
01. The Glass Prison
02. This Dying Soul
03. The Answer Lies Within
04. Sacrificed Sons

CD 3 :
01. Octavarium
02. In The Name Of God

Recorded by : BobS
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 3/23/06
Tree Closes : 4/7/06
Population Expected By / Public Release : 6/15/06

Dream Theater
The Fruit Of All Evil
March 9th, 2006
The Grove – Anaheim, CA



Other than some audience chatter between a few songs (and the guy yelling for JP between a few songs) – There are no anomalies.

Afterlife – Dedicated to Charlie Dominici
First Innocence Faded in 10 years.
Home outro features an excerpt of Stockholm Syndrome by Muse

Night 1 of 3.

After a very tough 2 hour drive from LA we arrive at the venue, which is a 2000 seat dinner theater. Scope out the seats which are just off center on the first riser, not bad. They have picnic tables that seat 12 and my seat is the third one back. I figure no big deal, I was taller than the two people in front of me. Eat dinner which we are forced to buy, which was actually pretty good. It’s now about 7:55 and the waiter still hasn’t come around for the bill and I’m a bit worried about having time to mic up, screw it put ‘em on. The guy finally shows up and I throw some cash at him, and either he doesn’t see them or he dosen’t care. I looked around before the show and notice Charlie is seated not far from me.

Finally the lights go down, and the intro music and video begin. There is a loud cheer but no one is standing. Mike comes out and the first big drum intro to TROAE, still no one is standing. Mike does his fist pumping to get people up, no one is standing, he gives a WTF look the rest of the band hits the stage and they tear into the first set. Another Won was mildly received, as I don’t think too many people are familiar with this one. Afterlife starts and James dedicates this to Charlie. A minor surprise is UAGM which I haven’t seen played after Afterlife, by this point the band seems content that the crowd will not be standing after many attempts. The opening notes of Innocence Faded come through the PA and I think to myself it must be a tease, and it just keeps going, it was very difficult for this taper not to start screaming. The first set closed with a killer version of Home. At the end James announces the intermission and the house lights come up, but the band keeps on playing and breaks into a blistering jam. The second set opens with TGP into TDS which Mike screams for Pop Tarts. They take it down with The Answer Lies Within which was respectfully received. The opening video of Sacrificed Sons is very haunting and live this song really cooks. As many times as I have heard Octavarium live and as much as I have grown to love this tune, it does no justice until it is seen in person, absolutely incredible!!!

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