Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #57

CD 1 :
01. Clockwork Orange / ITNOG outro /
The Root Of All Evil
02. Panic Attack
03. Another Won
04. A Fortune in Lies
05. Under a Glass Moon
06. Caught In a Web
07. Peruvian Skies
08. Speak to Me
09. Home

CD 2 :
01. The Glass Prison
02. This Dying Soul
03. Never Enough
04. Sacrificed Sons

CD 3 :
01. Octavarium
02. Metropolis pt 1

Recorded by : Simon Gloster
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 1/7/06
Tree Closes : 1/22/06
Population Expected By / Public Release : 3/15/06

Dream Theater
October 26th, 2005
Civic Hall – Wolverhampton, England
"Black Country Metal "


Volume adjustments as The Root Of All Evil starts


As this would be my first Dream Theater show ,I had this crazy idea that I wanted to bootleg it. Having never taped a show before I didn't know what to expect.
Well, the night approached and I started to get a little nervous, I didn't want to get caught and I was worrying about sneaking my equipment into the venue.

What the hell was I worrying about!!! There were no security checks and I easily walked in with my equipment and set-up.

Now the wait for the show to start.....

I was expecting the band to come on around 8pm, so I set my minidisc to record, but something delayed them and it didn't start until around 8:20pm.
As they hit the stage the crowd roared and they blasted out 'The Root Of All Evil'.
Checking my recording level, it looked a little low, so I turned it up a notch and then left it to record while I enjoyed the show. (This level change is noticable on the recording).

What we heard was a great first set, including 'A Fortune In Lies', 'Under A Glass Moon', 'Speak To Me', and 'Home'.

During the intermission break I changed discs ready for the second set. They came back on with 'The Glass Prison' and 'This Dying Soul'back to back and it kicked ass!! 'The Glass Prison' was the one song that I hoped they would play on the night and they did!!

Another great set, but it had to be cut short due to the band hitting the stage late. 'As I Am' was cut out of the set and instead we got the full 'Metropolis Pt 1'
(instead of the Pull Me Under/Metropolis Medley).

Highlights for me were definitely 'Speak To Me', 'The Glass Prison', 'Sacrificed Sons', 'Octavarium' and the complete 'Metropolis Pt 1'. There were also a few funny moments that night, including Jordan finally breaking his silence and speaking into the mic (''Hello!'').
Also a mistake in 'Sacrificed Sons' and part of Jordan's rig failed in 'Octavarium'.

The band had a great time and this recording really captures how great it was on the night.

Now onto the actual recording...

This show was recorded using a Sony MZ-RH910 MD and Sony ECM-719 Mic. I was situated on the left-hand balcony (first row), roughly around halfway back from the stage.
As you know, the volume level changes during 'The Root Of All Evil'. This isn't really that bad and doesn't ruin the recording. The biggest mistake I made was during the second set.
I didn't adjust the recording level because I had it set perfect previously during the first set.
Well, somehow it must have been changed (probably while I was changing discs and batteries). So, the whole second set was recorded at a much lower volume, but I assume that GDT have corrected this as its not listed on the anomolies list.

Overall, a good sounding recording. There are no screamers or people talking and the show is complete. It's a great recording and although not the best sounding bootleg ever, for a first attempt I'm very pleased with the results, and I'm sure you will enjoy it too!!

Enjoy the recording and remember.....PLAY IT LOUD!!!

Simon (Liquid Drum Theater).

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