Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #72

CD 1 :

01 - The Root Of All Evil
02 - Afterlife
03 - Just Let Me Breathe
04 - Lie
05 - Raise The Knife
06 - These Walls
07 - Never Enough
08 - Endless Sacrifice

CD 2 :

01 - The Great Tease Of The Night
02 - Speak To Me
03 - Breathe
04 - On The Run
05 - Time
06 - Breathe (Reprise)
07 - The Great Gig In The Sky
08 - Money
09 - Us And Them
10 - Any Colour You Like
11 - Brain Damage
12 - Eclipse
13 - The Spirit Carries On
14 - In The Name Of God


Recorded by : Vamp Records
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by :
Rai Beardsley / Scott Hansen

Member sign up : 10/18/06
Tree Closes : 11/2/06
Population Expected By : 12/25/06

Dream Theater
“Raising The Moon ”
October 11, 2005
Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam, Holland



After a year and an official release of the London show, I have asked MP if I could take our source of the Dark Side Of The Moon show from Amsterdam off the shelf. He has agreed. So for all of those that care to let others know before they start crying “fowl” and saying the same bullshit they did about us when RND25 was released as a GDT only item, the already circulating “Dark Side Of The Dream” source that has been making the underground circles in very hushed tones may now surface.

For those of you that have the “Dark Side Of The Dream” source, you are going to be pleasantly surprised as this source is not the same and is an A+. Recorded by the same taper who brought you “Sacrificing The Sun” and mastered by Drahma at the same time as that release, I am very happy to have the GDT members get this first.

Bring your headphones. This one is going to kick your teeth in! If you would like examples of the sound quality, dig out your copy of Sacrificing The Sun and listen to the bonus track!


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