Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #52

CD 1 :

1. Intro / The Root of All Evil
2. Panic Attack
3 . Another Won
4. A Fortune in Lies
5. Under a Glass Moon
6. Caught In a Web
7. Peruvian Skies
8. Home

CD 2 :

1 . The Glass Prison
2. This Dying Soul
3 . Never Enough
4 . Sacrificed Sons

CD 3 :

1 . Octavarium
2. As I Am
3 . Pull Me Under/Metropolis

Recorded by : Vamp Records
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 11/19/05
Tree Closes : 12/04/05
Population Expected By / Public Release : 2/15/05

Dream Theater
October 10th, 2005
Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam , Holland

"Sacrificing The Sun"




You see that A+ up there? Nothing else needs be said!

Taper notes:

Well we (me and a friend) arrived early in Amsterdam since we had to driver about 200 Km’s. Already there was a small amount of people at the Heineken Music Hall. (Die hards!!)

After a couple of beers we went back to the Heineken Hall, and the door opened! Now there was security.. I gave all my stuff and the security guy looked at it and said have a nice evening.. well that was easy!

All right about the show… I was standing just in front of the soundboard, and had a clear view to the stage. At 20:00 the intro tape started and so was my MD recorder.

The sound was really loud! I never went to a DT show that was so loud.. But it was great, since the Heineken Hall is famous of it’s acoustics.. the set list was a killer. James thanked everyone for coming, and that the place was SOLD OUT!

They started with The Root of all Evil, followed by Panic Attack of the new album. And from that point they played songs from their whole back catalog and back to Octavarium!

Once again a great concert, it was all documented for you! I hope you like it. Prepare to sacrifice the Sun!


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