Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #58

CD 1 :
01 – Intro Tape / The Root Of All Evil
02 – Panic Attack
03 – Another Won
04 – A Fortune In Lies
05 – Under A Glass Moon
06 – Caught In A Web
07 – Peruvian Skies
08 – Raise The Knife
09 – Home

CD 2 :
01 – The Glass Prison
02 – This Dying Soul
03 – Never Enough
04 – Sacrificed Sons

CD 3 :
01 – Octavarium
02 – The Spirit Carries On
03 – Pull Me Under / Metropolis

Recorded by : Peter Kessler
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 2/1/06
Tree Closes : 2/16/06
Population Expected By / Public Release : 4/15/05

Dream Theater
October 7th, 2005
Philippshalle – Düsseldorf , Germany



Distortion in the bass frequencies brings the grade down, in some songs it's not noticable, in others it is, still an enjoyable recording. No other anamolies.


Duesseldorf was the second Dream Theater show within one week. In opposite to Hamburg and Hannover I had to work this day and left the office at 15:30 with enough time left to drive the 300 km to Duesseldorf. I didn’t expect the traffic I get into about 60 km before the Philipshalle in Duesseldorf. Finally I managed to reach the venue about 6 minutes before the show will start. It was no surprise that there was no queue at the entrance. The guys at the entrance said “Hurry up or you will miss the beginning” and so I did and they let me through without any check.

The Philipshalle is a great venue for about 7500 people and it was filled with more than 6000 visitors. I’ve seen Dream Theater there several times (1998/2000/2002) before and it was always one of my favorite venues. The setlist of both sets were similar to Hamburg. Instead of “Just Let Me Breathe” they played “Peruvian Skies”, one of my favorites from FII, and “Raise The Knife” at the first set and “The Spirit Carries On” instead of “As I Am” at the second set.

Never before I saw two this similar shows from Dream Theater on such different venues. In Duesseldorf the stage was big enough for three video screens but surprisingly (or not?) the sound problems at the beginning of the show were the same as in Hamburg.

Even if in larger venues it is not that easy to blow away the crowd Dream Theater managed to do this from the beginning. Compared with Hamburg the band has much more fun at this show. At least if it is considered as proof to it that JM moved on the stage. All in all another great show from a fantastic band.



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