Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #53

CD 1 :

Intro Tape / The Root Of All Evil
Panic Attack
Another Won
A Fortune In Lies
Under A Glass Moon
The Mirror
Peruvian Skies
Fatal Tragedy
About To Crash (Reprise)
Losing Time / Grand Finale

CD 2 :

As I Am
This Dying Soul
Never Enough
Sacrificed Sons

CD 3 :

In The Name Of God
Pull Me Under / Metropolis

Recorded by : Olli-Pekka Komonen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Rai Beardsley


Sign up : 10/17/05
Tree Closes : 11/01//05
Population Expected By / Public Release : 01/02/06

Dream Theater
September 27 th, 2005
Ice Hall – Helsinki, Finland

Returning In Splendors




This show started the Octavarium tour in full, being the first evening with show of the leg, and to make it even more special to me, it was my very first Dream Theater concert. It was clear right from the beginning that this night was to become a night to remember. The crowd was chanting and cheering the closer it got to opening the doors, which is something that hasn't happened during the years I had went to gigs here in Helsinki. No other band had ever made such big impression to the crowd, before actually even playing a single note!

The set started with the outro of In The Name Of God, followed by a killer combination of two adrenaline boosters; The Root Of All Evil and Panic Attack. After this we were treated with something that hadn’t been played live for 19 years, not since Chris Collins was still the lead singer, the track that gives this release its name; Another Won. The audience’s reaction to this is rather mild though, possibly because it's not that well known track outside the most hardcore fans, but it was definitely a treat. The show continues with classic tracks played from each album following the 20th anniversary tour theme they had going on. For Awake we were treated with The Mirror which was played in conjunction with Lie, like they had been playing them during the Gigantour shows earlier. Peruvian Skies was the song that got the best reaction from the audience, especially the parts where the Pink Floyd and Metallica teasers were swapped with Wish You Were Here and Wherever I May Roam teasers, making it very clear that Mike had a lot of surprises planned for this tour. After this it continues with Fatal Tragedy and About To Crash (Reprise) before ending the first set with Losing Time / Grand Finale.

In the typical Finnish way, at this point everyone dashed towards the beer stands, smoking areas and bathrooms, many of them missing the beginning of the 2nd set which started with a blast: As I Am (with EMA&B of course), This Dying Soul and Never Enough. The crowd was headbanging along and if I had been anywhere else but seated between my lady and some 2 meters tall, 2 meters wide guy, I would've been also. Up to this point the night had been absolutely great, and no matter how the audience in general didn't seem to like all of the new material, especially Sacrificed Sons which got pretty mild reception compared to the old classics. What happened after that was a dream come true, for the very first time ever in any concert Jordan started the intro to Octavarium. We all know how powerful and emotional the track is on the album, how can a live version possibly compete with that? Easily is the answer, the way it built up it felt at least twice as powerful. If I were to name a single best moment in any concert I had ever been to or heard on a bootleg, it would be this song in whole.

After this breathtaking performance the band took a very short break only to return and play the encore with another one of my favorites; In The Name Of God. The band was looking like they were really having a good time, and you could really hear it too. Even James, who was literally on fire singing like he hasn't for years, joined in and played keyboards with Jordan instead of taking his usual break. As the song got closer to ending, there were hundreds of people who were already heading out the venue, waiting in the doorways to hear the last notes and then walking out. Yet there was something missing, I'm sure you've guessed it already, after all what's a Dream Theater show without Pull Me Under? With the first notes of it as the second encore, the whole crowd went absolutely nuts, and if possible, when they changed to Metropolis Pt.1, they went even crazier. It was the perfect ending of a perfect night.

The sound quality is superb throughout the show, and while I may be a bit biased to give this a good rating, it definitely lives up to its title. Solid A grade in my opinion.


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