Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #51

CD 1 :

Intro – ITNOG Outro ( 3:16)
The Root Of All Evil (7:58)
A Fortune In Lies (5:44)
Panic Attack (7:20)
Under A Glass Moon (7:32)
Endless Sacrifice (11:53)

CD 2 :

Caught In A Web (5:42)
Continuum Solo / Just Let Me Breathe (7:54)
Never Enough (6:21)
Home (15:07)
As I Am (7:19)
Pull Me Under (8:16)

Recorded by : Uncle Fred
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 9/15/05
Tree Closes : 10/01/05
Population Expected By / Public Release : 121/01/05

Dream Theater
August 28th, 2005
House Of Blues - Atlantic City, NJ

"Fried Ears And Other Receipes By Dream Theater "




Ahhh, I love the feeling of Fried Ears in the morning. Mmmmm, tasty too.

DAMN, I had earplugs in & they were still hurting days after. I had no interest in any of the other bands so we got there just in time for DT. This, being my cherry-busting first experience at the House Of Blues, I had no idea what to expect sound & security-wise. As we're walking into the venue, what do I see? House security and their wand metal detectors. Well, they found my deck & after a little shuck-and-jive with the flunky ( who was clueless, he actually thought it was a radio ) I scoped out the sweet spot, dead center about 5 feet in front of the soundboard, and rolled tape. 

Knowing that MP takes into consideration the set-list from the last time they were in AC, I was just a bit curious as to what was gonna be played & man was I blown away. DT started almost immediately with The Root Of All Evil & collectively kicked the crowd's asses. Next up was A Fortune In Lies which I’d never seen live so that, for me,  was worth the price of admission. Panic Attack got the crowd super-hyped and I thought a damn pit was gonna form. Good thing it didn’t considering where I was positioned although I was not to be that lucky during Megadeth's set, but that’s another review.

Under A Glass Moon proved once & for all that JLB is just getting better as he gets older. The band was solid and on fire for Endless Sacrifice, Caught In A Web, Just Let Me Breathe & Never Enough, which is one of my favorite tracks off Octavarium. Home was up next ( featuring a belch from MP, not me ) & seemed to captivate the audience with the intro until they kicked in to the main riff when they got going again. As I Am into Pull Me Under ( with the wacky speed/slow section ) rounded out the set and had me ready for Megadeth, who, BTW, I last saw at Rikki Rachtman's Cathouse in L.A. on the Rust In Peace Tour. Now THAT was fucking metal !!

Prepare to have thy Ears Fried. ENJOY !!!!!!!!

Uncle Fred

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