Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #54

CD 1 :

Intro Tape / The Root of All Evil
The Glass Prison
Panic Attack
Never Enough
Endless Sacrifice
Caught In a Web
Just Let Me Breathe

CD 2 :

As I Am
Pull Me Under/
Metropolis pt 1

Recorded by : Jack Daniels
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 11/4/05
Tree Closes : 11/20/05
Population Expected By / Public Release : 2/1/06

Dream Theater
August 21th, 2005
Mid Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

"Huge Pike Pose "


Noticeable Volume Drops :
TROAE 2:07
TGP 17:52
Vocals were low in the mix.
Light phasing during TROAE
Someone near taper yells during intro to ES
Someone near taper sings first few lines of ES
Someone near taper yells at 4 3:26 ES
Diginoise from 44:06 – 44:07 ES
Someone near taper yells at 44: 30 ES
Someone near taper yells at 47:00 ES


The taper will be sending in a show review in the next few days. Other than the anamolies listed above, this is a great show and very enjoyable to listen to. ALSO, once the tree is completed, and all signups have verified that their copies have been received, the real fun will begin. The cover art features other poloroid photos, all of them anagrams of the location of the venue. (The CD art includes two additional photos, for those who sign up for the trading tree, these images will be posted in the Forum.) The user that correctly guesses all 6 of the anagrams correctly will receive 2 months on the VIP list for branded releases.

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