Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #59

CD 1 :
1. Intro Tape / As I Am
2. This Dying Soul
3. Panic Attack
4. Under a Glass Moon
5. Peruvian Skies
6. The Test That Stumped Them All
7. Fatal Tragedy

CD 2 :
1. Never Enough
2. Home
3 . Pull Me Under/ Metropolis pt 1

Recorded by : R. Hagen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Rai Beardsley
Photos : Mark Flaugher


Sign up : 2/20/06
Tree Closes : 3/5/06
Population Expected By / Public Release : 5/5/06

Dream Theater
August 11th, 2005
Coliseum Expo Center - Fort Wayne, IN
"824 163 597"


Distortion in the bass frequencies brings the grade down, this is due to the indoor venue and excessive volume, still an enjoyable recording.
No other anamolies.


Finally! You can experience the Fort Wayne Indiana show the way that SewerRat and I did. DEAFENING LOUD!

Gigantour for the most part in my opinion was great for the outdoor venues we saw them at as the sound had room to travel. The second night of our journeys led us to a venue roughly the size of a basketball court complete with bleacher seating. The sound had nowhere to go, and after 6 hours of opening acts bouncing acoustics not suited to the venue, the only option was wear earplugs, or go deaf. Rat didn’t have earplugs. You couldn’t escape the sound enough to talk or meet people, the only way to describe it is deafening.

Unlike the other two shows we attended, all the second stage acts opened the show, on half the stage, followed by the main-stage acts. The second stagers had their equipment set up so that they alternated between halves of the stage to switch equipment out. If memory serves correctly, Nevermore and Fear Factory were also allotted half a stage for their show, with Dream Theater and Megadeth getting the full stage.

This recording was done with a single stealth microphone, directly in front of (more like leaning on) the soundboard. Due to the volume in the venue, this shows a little hot on the bass end. Not enough to consider it a brickwall, but enough to bring it down a grade. If you need a comparison, it sounds better than GDT-C03 “An Erie Feeling” did.

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