Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #49

The Root Of All Evil
A Fortune In Lies
Panic Attack
Peruvian Skies
The Test That Stumped Them All
Fatal Tragedy
The Mirror
As I Am
Pull Me Under / Metropolis Pt 1

Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 8/19/05
Tree Closes : 9/3/05
Population Expected By / Public Release : 11/1/05

Dream Theater
July 28th, 2005
OAT – San Diego, CA

"Under A Diego Moon "




The quality of this recording is so good, it could be a soundboard matrix!!  

You can actually hear the sticks hitting the "cowbell" midi cue on the kit.  

You can’t say much beyond that, a raging setlist! All instruments and vocals are top notch sound… James does flub a few lyrics....

IMHO Scott’s best recording yet!!! This one can be played louder than loud!

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