Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #48

CD 1 :

01 – A Clockwork Orange (Intro)
02 – The Glass Prison
03 – Under A Glass Moon
04 – Panic Attack
05 – Just Let Me Breathe
06 – Lie

CD 2 :

01 – Never Enough
02 – Endless Sacrifice
03 – Honor Thy Father
04 – Home
05 – Pull Me Under

Recorded by : BobS
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by :Rai Beardsley


Sign up : 8/1/05
Tree Closes : 8/16/05
Population Expected By / Public Release : 10/15/05

Dream Theater
July 24th, 2005
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Irvine, CA

"Crushing Balls"




The intro to The Glass Prison starts, I personally like the "heavy" DT and this song tickles me nicely. They then tear into Under A Glass Moon, also very good. They changed up the middle jam, which is very cool. First song form 8V, Panic Attack. On the CD I enjoy this tune.. live it blew me away, this song rocks!!

DT now tears into Just Let Me Breathe followed by Lie. At this point even the Megadeth people are head banging. DT now owns this crowd. Next new tune, Never Enough. Again, WOW this ROCKS. Next they really kick it into high gear. Endless Sacrifice, Honor Thy Father, Home. By now the whole place is really into what's going on. Encore time, I'm hoping for Metropolis, look at my watch they had been playing for 85 minutes, doubtful. I hear the first guitar notes of Pull Me Under, initially I think something of a let down, as I personally was tired of hearing it (it had been about a year since I had) but of course by about 30 seconds in grooving with the rest, and then it's over.

Now I'm all pumped up for the second set, which of course there is none.
This show will "crunch your balls"

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