Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #68

In the Name of God outro (intro tape)
The Root of All Evil
A Fortune in Lies
Under a Glass Moon
Panic Attack
Endless Sacrifice
Just Let Me Breathe
As I Am
Pull Me Under/ Metropolis pt 1


Recorded by : Vamp Records
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Szabiakanich

Member sign up : 8/25/06
Tree Closes : 9/8/06
Population Expected By : 11/8/06

Dream Theater
“Graspop Festival 2005”
June 26, 2005
Graspop Festival - Dessel, Belgium

GRADE : Dream Theater - B+

Dream Theater :
Slight phasing

Dream Theater :
This show which appeared on the surface to be a quick remaster turned out to be somewhat problematic. It appears that there had been some level of mastering before I received it. This required a fair amount of de equalizing to flatten it out, then frequency specific compression to tighten things up. At various points throughout the show phase shifting was required due to outdoor conditions to keep the stereo image centered. Finally a bit of mastering eq and compression and we are good to go.


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