Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #46

Source : Martijn Kootstra / Vamp Records
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Cover Art :Rai Beardsley
Band Photo : Caroline Hindriks

About To Crash
Learning To Live
Never Enough
Endless Sacrifice
Sacrificed Sons
The Spirit Carries On
About To Crash (Reprise)
Losing Time / Grand Finale
Metropolis Pt 1

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Dream Theater
June 11 th, 2005
Lichtenvoorde - Holland Arrow Classic Rock Festival
"First Octaves"




Two slight skips in Metropolis at 7:39 and 7:44 – Both are unintrusive and are not that noticeable as they take place during a crowd section.


Here it is folks - a new year, a new Dream Theater release, a new beginning of a world tour.

On their second performance of their official beginning of the Octavarium World Tour, the pre-show PA fades to a silence and Overture from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence rises to life. Almost 9 months has gone by since Dream Theater lit a stage on fire for a brilliant performance, and on this day, they didn't miss beat. Missing was any need of a warm-up show. Missing were any train wrecks. This was a spectacular show and the band was ready to do what they do best in front of this excited crowd at the Arrow Rock Festival in Holland.

After the 6DoiT Overture, they go right into About To Crash. Then in what seemed to be an unusual move, they run into Learning To Live (which is well known as a show closure), and played incredibly! There was a very pleasant addition in the middle of the song, a near improv if you will, between Jordan Rudess and John Petrucci bringing an amazing change of pace to the song. I know there was always talk about James LaBrie's voice a few years back, and that he has been on, but once I again I was blown away by his range. The infamous peak of vocal power was nailed once again towards the end of the song.

After the thousands of times I have listened to Dream Theater songs, it's always a pleasant relief and surprise to get goosebumps listening to a song worked to perfection. It happened once again. With a new album released, it was time to make some new material known. Rudess sets the pace with the beginning of Never Enough. It was very exciting to hear live performances of new tracks. We then get sent to the alter for back-to-back sacrifices as Dream Theater performs Endless Sacrifice and Sacrificed Sons, another new track from Octavarium. Thereafter comes a calm and relaxing into to The Spirit Carries On ala Petrucci. What was impressive on this was the crowd participation in singing the lyrics, followed by an appreciative applause. Very first-class fans at this show, no question.

Bringing the shortened festival set to an end, the band begins the close as they began with a few selections from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, playing About To Crash (Reprise), Losing Time, and Grand Finale. With much applause and enthusiasm given to the Great Five on stage, there just had to be more. The guys return and present a treat, playing Metropolis Pt. I to close out the show.

Not only was I excited to hear new material from the band on a new tour, but I was excited listening to this on a very well-recorded show.
The sound is great, and is great eardrum therapy to those that desire it. I did not notice any flaws, which makes it all the better. Once again I want to thank the taper and our sound quality engineer extraordinaire for a wonderful release! Rating this show in comparison to other bootlegs in my collection, no question this is an A.


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