Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #36

01 : 6DOIT Overture (1:41)
02 : About To Crash (5:35)
03 : Learning To Live (10:12)
04 : Trial Of Tears (12:47)
05 : Machine Messiah (3:05)
06 : Stream Of Conciousness (10:10)
07 : The Spirit Carries On (6:51)
08 : Solitary Shell (5:35)
09 : About To Crash [Reprise] (4:08)
10 : Losing Time / Grand Finale (4:51)

Recorded by : Fred McKenzie
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Yudhi Sutjiawan
Tree Administration : Rai Beardsley

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Tree Closes : 1/16/2005
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Dream Theater - August 20th, 2004
Borgata Hotel & Casino – Atlantic City, NJ
"Mechanical Overture "

Nevermind the 100 Acre Wood.  Welcome to a blustery day here in Atlantic City featuring Dream Theater from their summer headlining tour, opening for Yes.  Was it a gift that Dream Theater was back to a shortened set after their grueling 2004 Train of Thought tour?  I think this show was evident of that.  The band was nothing short of excellence once again.  Their musical prowess coming through clean, precise, and in force.  Getting the attention of the crowd comes the overture for Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.  All systems check - time to get the show going.  About To Crash roars into life, and the Dream Theater experience comes to life.  We then go into an old favorite, with Learning To Live.  One of those songs that never get old and is always a fan-pleaser.  On the instrument front, this was played with much precision.  Although you would expect that after they have lost count how many times they have played this song live, but there are few bands out there that can play music the same and better than their studio release while on stage.  I've always been impressed with this.  James LaBrie, is having a rare night.  A few high notes are missing from this song, but he makes up for it towards the end of the song.  Welcome back.  :)  We then move on to Trial Of Tears, with nothing jumping out to me more than John Petrucci's flawless, melodic notes emitting from his guitar, with Jordan Rudess backing his play.  Rudess and Petrucci have always complemented each other well while playing.  For the first time on this headlining tour, Machine Messiah comes to life on stage, and very well done.  I'm sure any lazy eye refocused on stage after the start of this.  We then burst right into Stream Of Consciousness.  The technically magnificent song gets a minor tempo boost in certain parts making it more exciting.  I hope someone got some bags of ice ready for Mike Portnoy after this, as his drumming seizure took over - amazing.  Wait, they still have more songs to play.  Hold that ice.  Let's play The Spirit Carries On.  Even though this concert is before the fact, hearing this played really hit home, looking at life in general.  You know what I mean.  We then close the set out with 3 more songs from 6DoiT, playing Solitary Shell (Cue LaBrie reprise at 2:53??), About to Crash Reprise, and Losing Time / Grand Finale.  This was another successful night at gaining converts.  Mission accomplished.  This show was very well delivered, and everyone was 'on'.  Come back soon!
    The Gods of the Winds showed their wrath on taping this day.  Unfortunately, this caused a lot of phasing in the recording, most notably in the first 2 tracks.  It got a little better as the show went on.  Minor static was noted at the very end of Learning To Live.  Skips were noted during Trial Of Tears at 3:50, 5:39, 8:08, and 12:08.  During The Spirit Carries On, the crowd noise and heavy winds were very noticeable during beginning of the song, and very minor static was noted at 6:48 - 6:50.  During Losing Time / Grand Finale, skip noted at 3:32.
    ***Grading this show on a curve of other bootlegs in my collection, I give this a B-


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