Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #33

  band history video (intro tape)
02.  As I Am
03.  This Dying Soul
04.  The Mirror/The Mirror (reprise)
05.  Under a Glass Moon
06.  Through My Words
07.  Fatal Tragedy
08.  guitar solo

09.  Goodnight Kiss
00.  Solitary Shel

01.  Endless Sacrifice
02.  Trial of Tears
03.  Echoes part 1 (Pink Floyd)
04.  The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
05.  Honor Thy Father
06.  keyboard solo

A Mind Beside Itself:
01.  I Erotomania
02.  II Voices (abridged)
03.  III The Silent Man (electric version)
04.  Finally Free
05.  In the Name of God

Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Yudhi Sutjiawan

Tower Marquee Photo: Duke Potter
Tree Administration : Rai Beardsley

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Dream Theater - April 2nd, 2004
The Tower Theater - Philadelphia, PA
"Echoes In The Tower"

Comments on the audio : A

    Dream Theater fans, prepare yourself for another high-octane performance from a band that never gives anything short of perfection.  The lucky recipient this night?  Philadelphia.  What we have here is another high quality recording from our very own Setlist Scotty and remastered to further perfection by Drahma.  After listening to this show, there are no anomalies.  Just pure, driving brilliance of music.  Be sure that your stereo equipment is insured before playing.  On to the review:
    Dream Theater opens with the show with As I Am as the tour-featured beginning favorite, with this night featuring the "EMA&B" additional lyric, and then plowing straight into This Dying Soul.  Upon further observance and thinking of past shows I have listened to, I have to give Mike Portnoy props for his backing vocals.  Hearing his backing vox during TDS started making me think of his other vox in other DT songs, Transatlantic, etc, showing me how he has grown in that area as well.  Another observance in the beginning of the show was the instrument fire-power.  About every review I have mentioned that the band came out ready to play - this night was no different.  All cylinders were running with no disappointments the whole show.  I personally think that this night featured one of the best setlists of the tour.  The show was very well balanced with music from all of Dream Theater's releases, a very nice guitar solo/interlude before Goodnight Kiss, and a Pink Floyd cover of Echoes Part 1 as the treat-topper of the night, which was magnificently done.  A nice following song after that, coming from When Dream And Day Unite, was To Those Who Help To Set The Sun.  Later on in the show, the fans were treated to another fine keyboard solo from Jordan Rudess and moving right into A Mind Beside Itself.  Ending the show was Finally Free and In The Name of God, which is always a powerful ending of a show, in my opinion.  You can only read these reviews to get a glimpse of perspective into this show, but this is one you need to hear for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!
 Based on a grading curve against other bootlegs in my collection, I give this recording an 'A'.


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