Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #30

CD ONE (67:41)

intro tape fade in (1:05)
As I Am (7:12)
The Mirror/The Mirror reprise (9:39)
Beyond This Life w/ improv jam (20:42)
Hollow Years w/ extended guitar solo (10:42)
Caught in a Web (5:53)
Endless Sacrifice (11:28)

CD TWO (54:56)
Light Fuse and Get Away (9:13)
Trial of Tears (14:51)
The Glass Prison (13:51)
This Dying Soul (11:46)
Another Day (5:15)

CD THREE (55:47)
Vacant (3:03)
Stream of Consciousness (10:56)
In the Name of God (16:31)
A Change of Seasons (25:17)

Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Rai Beardsley
Tree Administration : Rai Beardsley


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Tree Closes : 7-28-04
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Dream Theater 04/01/04 - 3CDR
Orpheum Theater Boston MA

"Light Fuse And Cue LaBrie "

Comments on the audio :

Grade : A
    What we have here is one of the strongest performances, in my opinion, of the Train of Thought Tour.  And it happened right here in Boston .  A very solid setlist from start to finish, which brings this warning - this show may cause seizures or bleeding ears.  The thing you will notice early in this show is that, after As I Am, the band doesn't continue on with This Dying Soul as they have so frequently done this tour, but yet, The Mirror is played instead.  TDS is in the second set following The Glass Prison!! A very nice change of pace.  Another thing I noticed with this show, is all of the 'extras' that are thrown into the songs played.  Besides The Mirror being played, you have Beyond This Life played with the improv jam, then Hollow Years with the long guitar playing extension by John Petrucci .  Noticeable with many of the songs, all the band members showcase their skills with extra fills, and extensions.  This brings to light that the band was enjoying themselves and having a good time.  In the setlist for this show was the addition of Light Fuse and Get Away (with James jumping the gun on the vocal cue,) followed with Trial Of Tears.  It was raining in Massachusetts .  :)   I think the biggest highlight for this show was the final 3 songs played.  A helluva way to close out a show.  Streams of Consciousness, In the Name of God, and A Change of Seasons closing out the night in Boston , with incredible playing by all the band members, just leaving that little reminder to all the fans why we enjoy their music so much.  A very incredible show!
    On the recording notes for this show.  This was very well recorded and remastered.  No anomalies were found in this recording.  There was a hint of some limitations in the frequencies, mainly when Jordan hits a high note , but they are so minor, it's almost unnoticeable.  This is one of the best sounding recordings released this year.  Grading this show against the other bootlegs in my collection, I give this an A.


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