Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #32

CD 1 :

Band History Video
As I Am
This Dying Soul
Under A Glass Moon
Keyboard Solo
Voices (abridged)
The Silent Man
Endless Sacrifice
Trial Of Tears


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CD 2 :

New Millenium
To Live Forever / Improv Jam
A Fortune In Lies
Goodnight Kiss
Solitary Shell
Stream Of Consciousness
Finally Free
n The Name Of God


Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by :
Erik Muna
Tree Administration : Mark Flaugher

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Dream Theater - March 30th, 2004 - 2CDR- Oakdale Theater, Wallingford CT
Remastered A+

Comments on the audio :

.......and yet another masterpiece of a Dream Theater event comes to pass, and into your ears.

The band was really having fun tonight, and put on an amazing show. The show opens with As I Am, and keeps the late-touradditionof EMA&B in the lyrics. As I Am leads into This Dying Soul with Mike Portnoy really getting into the backing vocals. Immediately after, we get an amazing back-to-back solo starting with Jordan Rudess and then John Petrucci, then easing into Erotomania, which was performed spectacularly. A lot of additions was put into this and very well done. Concert-goers were treated well with the likes of Voices, Trial Of Tears, and amazingly, To Live Forever! Most definitely the climax of this concert. This is a near 13 minute version of the song with an impressive improv addition, fronted by Rudess and Petrucci. You may have to play it over a few times to make sure you are not dreaming!

Closing out the show were the big ones - Stream Of Consciousness, Finally Free, and In The Name of God. On a personal note, it seems every time that I do a review of a Dream Theater show, I am raving how that show is the best one that I've heard. I'm doing it again. This show in particular is the best one that I've heard from this tour. As I mentioned, the band was having fun, and it translated into an incredible show. Almost every song had something different about it, whether it was musical additions, change in style, or even improv. From Portnoy, to Myung, to Petrucci, to Rudess, something new was done, and it really kept the show fresh and exciting. Consistent with the other shows this tour, James LaBrie puts on another high-energy vocal performance with stellar range and deliverance. I think I even heard some fans darn-near throwing a seizure. It was THAT good!

No anomalies were heard in this recording. Once again, this is a show that was very well recorded by the taper, with stellar remastering done by the genius behind the scenes. I am still in awe by the incredible work they have done with this and past shows. Based on a grading curve against other bootlegs in my collection, this show gets an 'A'. Let us know Whaddyathink?


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