Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #27


Band History Video (Intro)
As I Am
This Dying Soul
Beyond This Life (w/ Extended Jam)
Hollow Years (w/ Extended Jam)
Caught In A Web
Endless Sacrifice
Finally Free


Trial Of Tears
Honor Thy Father
Keyboard Solo
Only A Matter Of Time
Stream Of Consciousness
Pull Me Under
In The Name Of God

Recorded by : Matt Meehan
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Yudhi Sutjiawan

Tree Administration : Mark Flaugher

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Dream Theater 03/29/04 - 2 CDR - 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.
Remastered A
"Not Your Average Underdog "

Comments on the audio :
I've contemplated whether I should give the short version of a review being "This is mind blowing", or the long version.  In the expected Dream Theater fashion, as has been most of the tour, the band opens with As I Am.  Not only is there a lot of energy showing at the start of this song, but "Ass & Balls" makes it's appearance during the song.  They quickly go into This Dying Soul and then Beyond This Life from SFAM with the improv section, which is completely 'on' this night.  Following this, they play Hollow Years with the extended guitar solo.  No matter how many shows I have heard from this tour with Dream Theater playing Hollow Years, I just can't get enough.  When James LaBrie shouts out 'John Petrucci' during his extended solo, the goose bumps arise, and tonight was no different.  Once again, the song selection was perfect, showcasing songs from all Dream Theater releases including 'Only A Matter of Time'.  The band was on tonight and the fans made it known on this recording.  From conversation that is audible in the recording to the 'I love you' shouts in the crowd, it was a night to remember for those in Washington DC.

On the technical side of things on this recording.  Flawless.  A solid recording with stellar remastering.  All frequencies are well-balanced in this recording with crisp highs and thumping lows.  This show is a good test for that new entertainment system.  There are no anomalies found in this recording.  Based on a grading curve to other bootlegs in my collection, this is easy - solid A.

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