Grateful Dreams Collectors Series #03

Disc 1 (69:13)

As I Am
This Dying Soul
The Mirror/The Mirror (reprise)
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Hollow Years (w/ extended guitar solo)
War Inside My Head
The Test That Stumped Them All
A Fortune in Lies
Endless Sacrifice

Disc 2 (70:29)

Finally Free
Metropolis part 1
Honor Thy Father
keyboard solo
  A Mind Beside Itself:
I Erotomania
II Voices (abridged)
 III The Silent Man (electric version)
In the Name of God

Recorded by : Scott Urbas
Audio Imaging : Chris Hughes
Covers by :Steve Johnson

Disc 3 (25:18)

Dead Poets Society (intro tape)
A Change of Seasons:
   I The Crimson Sunrise
   II Innocence
   III Carpe Diem
   IV The Darkest of Winters
    V Another World
    VI The Inevitable Summer
   VII The Crimson Sunset

Sign up : 7/18/05
Tree Closes : 8/2/05
Population Expected By / Public Release : 9/15/05

Dream Theater
March 20th 2004
Agora Theater - Cleveland OH
"An Erie Feeling"

Where GDT-C01 was due to the demand for the show, while the quality was graded F, and GDT-C02 was due to many patches in the show itself, this show is graded due to the distortion present that was unable to be removed. The show was enjoyable to listen to during the quality assurance session, and it was remastered by Chris Huges to correct the distortion as much as possible and improve the sound quality. This show was considered a grade C to begin with, I feel with Chris’s work, it is now a B- quality. You almost begin to ignore the distortion while enjoying the show.

Again, the quiet sections are quite good with no distortion. The taper was obviously in a good position to get great balance and acoustics. I could tell that his recorder was very good, with great dynamics and no noise. But the microphone was just blown away by the volume. Too bad, two better quality mics could have gotten a really great stereo recording. I think I moved this from a "B-" to a "B/B+". 


AS I AM - Minor Skip at 0:03

THE TEST THAT STUMPED THEM ALL – Slight skip at 3:01
Fades out due to recorder changing disc

A FORTUNE IN LIES – Missing first 10 seconds

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