Grateful Dreams Collectors Series #2

CD 1 : (TT 1:16:47)

•  As I Am (7:35)

•  This Dying Soul (12:01)

•  Beyond This Life w/ Zappa Jam (18:46) *

•  Hollow Years (8:54)

•  War Inside My Head (2:20)

•  The Test That Stumped Them All (5:03)

•  Endless Sacrifice (10:52) **

•  Finally Free (11:15) ***

CD 2 : (1:09:54)

•  The Mirror (9:37)

•  Honor Thy Father (9:47)

•  Keyboard Solo (3:42)

•  Paradox [ Kansas ] (3:56)

•  A Fortune In Lies (5:11)

•  Stream of Consciousness (10:56)

•  In The Name Of God (16:02) ****

•  Metropolis part 1 (10:43)

Recorded by : YJ2K Productions
Audio Patching : Ytsehop & R. Beardsley
Covers by : Shaun Hawk
Tree Administration : Rai Beardsley
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Sign up : 6/21/04
Closes : 7/7/04
Population Expected By : 8/10/04

March 15 th 2004
Uptown Theatre - Kansas City MO
"Auntie Em It's A Twister"


GRADE : C / C+ (Due To Patching)
Overall Quality B / B-

* A patch occurs from 04:10 - 05:04 / Minor skip at 17:44
** A patch occurs from 07:20 – 08:07
*** A patch occurs from 00:00 – 01:06
**** A patch occurs from 01:07 - 10:13

It appears we ended up back in Kansas after all.

Well, here you have it. The natural wonder that is Dream Theater performing live during their ‘Train Of Thought' world tour in Kansas City Missouri.

This show proved rather difficult to get to a quality I was happy with releasing. First, due to MiniDisc compression artifacts, it was decided that remastering this show would do it more harm than good. A few tricks were tried, including an attempt to boost the levels, but in the end it was decided that the sound quality is good enough for release as is (B / B-).

Second, due to problems with the recording equipment, errors were introduced onto the master that needed to be patched in from other shows as an alternate source of this particular show was not found. Patches occur in 4 places and are sourced from non-circulating sources of New York and Philadelphia . Times are noted below. We concentrated more on making the patches musically correct than making them match the exact sound quality of the Kansas show. For the most part, you'll notice a slight difference… but we felt making the songs complete rather than leaving large gaps in them would make it a more enjoyable listen. The final grade on this is a C / C+ due to the corrections.

I believe this is the first appearence of the EMA&B line in As I Am : James sings “Take me as I am,” Mike sings “Eat My Ass & Balls”



I have to start by saying that I think this is by far my favorite Dream Theater show I have seen to date. It was so full of energy and the setlist was incredible. I was able to go to the show with several forumers I was fortunate enough to meet, and that made the evening all that more enjoyable. This was the first concert I had been to since arriving in KC, and the venue was spectacular. The Uptown Theater is an awesome little venue. The architecture is incredible. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the balcony opened up, but I got over it. My seats were pretty good. Right under the edge of the balcony and just behind the soundboard. I was a little worried about the sound bouncing around under the balcony and the recording coming out bad, but that wasn't the case. The sound was amazing. Now, on to the show.

The setlist was fantastic. I was able to hear my favorites from Train Of Thought (AIA, ES, HTF, SoC, ITNoG) and some of my other all time faves like WIMH and TTTSTA. The Beyond This Life with Zappa Jam was unreal. The entire crowd was into this. The extended Hollow Years was a real treat too. I have heard some complaints from other shows that people wish this was left out and that another heavier song was in it's place, but I feel this gave the show nice balance. There was a great mixture of metal and mellow. I had an inkling that they might pull out something special, since they had already tossed out some covers at prior shows. And since they were playing Kansas , what would be better than a Kansas cover. Since Carry On Wayward Son is my favorite Kansas song, I was hoping this might be our special song. They instead played Paradox which was equally as cool. I'm not sure the crowd new exactly what was happening at first, but once they did they really got into it. It was really neat to hear them pull out A Fortune In Lies as well. Then they finished strong with ITNoG. We were hoping for the encore to be A Change of Seasons, but they had opted for Metropolis Pt.1. Still a great ending to a great show.

Lastly, I want to apologize for the problems we've had with this recording. Had I not had all the MD problems, this might have proven to be one of the better recordings from the tour. I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Rai Beardsley for saving this show right from the get go. Some of you know that set 2 was all but lost since my MD didn't write the TOC. I sent the MD's to Rai, he worked his magic and saved the show. With him doing this, and then Yteshop and Rai adding the patches to where the MD decided to take a smoke break, this show would not have seen the light of day. Thanks guys!

Your humble taper,

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