Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #26


01) Band History (fade in)
02) As I Am
03) This Dying Soul
04) The Mirror / The Mirror (Reprise)
05) Under A Glass Moon
06) Endless Sacrifice
07) The Great Debate
08) Finally Free


01) Trial Of Tears
02) Honor Thy Father
03) keyboard solo
04) Another Day
05) Vacant
06) Stream Of Consciousness
07) In The Name Of God
08) Metropolis Pt. 1

Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by :
Yudhi Sutjiawan
Tree Administration : Mark Flaugher

(6 Megs)

Sign up : 6-13-04
Tree Closes : 6-28-04
Population Expected By : 7-30-04

Dream Theater - March 7th, 2004 - 2CDR -  Sprekels Theater San Diego CA

"Familiar Voices "

Comments on the audio :
The band was ready to go tonight!  As with all the other shows played so far on this tour, San Diego fans were given the Dream Theater salute of gratitude, and the nay-sayers an 'ownage', with the opening of As I Am.  After As I Am, the band went right into This Dying Soul just to make sure all creatures were stirring!  The crowd was very into this show, and once again, DT delivered a nice mix of songs from several of their releases.   Awake, I&W, and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence were quickly represented into the mix.  The sound was delivered very well.  Plenty of low end was generated nicely in this recording, perfect for those neighbors you don't like too well.  Surprisingly, unlike the other shows, we were missing the extended improv jam, however, I can't complain - the fans were treated to a nice guitar solo by John Petrucci, followed by Jordan Rudess on keys.  Towards the end of the show, fans got to enjoy the final 3 tracks of Train Of Thought with the band taking a breather while James sings Vacant, followed by Streams Of Consciousness and In The Name of God.  Thereafter, the sign that the show is near coming to an end, the DT flagsong, Metropolis Pt 1, began with the fans clapping in rhythm of the beat and showing their appreciation for a night to remember in Southern California. The only anomaly in this release is that there is no anomaly!  This is a very good sounding recording.  The bass levels in some parts of the show are very apparant, giving a muffled sound, but overall, very clean.  Mids and highs are clear.  All instruments and vocals come through clear.  Grading this show against the other bootlegs in my collection, I give this a B+ / A- ~SewerRat~

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Yudhi Sutjiawan
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