Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #22

CD 1

1. As I Am
2. This Dying Soul
3. Under a Glass Moon
4. Beyond This Life (w/ extended improv)
5. Hollow Years (w/ extended guitar solo)
6. War Inside My Head
7. The Test That Stumped Them All
8. Endless Sacrifice
9. Finally Free





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CD 2

01. Metropolis part 1
02. Caught in a Web/
03. drum solo/drum duet w/ Scott Rockenfield
04. Honor Thy Father
05. keyboard solo/
A Mind Beside Itself:
06. I Erotomania
07. II Voices (abridged)
08. III The Silent Man (electric version)
09. In the Name of God

CD 3

01. Dead Poets Society (intro tape)
02. A Change of Seasons:

Recorded by : R. Hagen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by :
Yudhi Sutjiawan
Tree Administration : Rai Beardsley


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Dream Theater March 2nd, 2004
The Moore Theatre Seattle WA
"Training Seattle "

Comments on the audio : B / B-

ANAMOLIES: Disc 1 - Track 7 - The Test That Stumped Them All (2:20=hiccup )

Hello North America!!!! This was the opening night of Dream Theater's North American Leg of the Train of Thought tour.  The crowd was ready, and the band was ready!  Aside from the near 'train-wreck' 6 minutes into As I Am, the band was on, and the crowd knew it and showed their enthusiasm.  James LaBrie was very pumped for this show.  Very vocal between songs and dead-on with his singing.  Also I would have to say that with the different versions of Improv that they have played on the tour so far during Beyond This Life, this show was by far the best - Liquid Tension anyone?  There was some hardware issues being worked out onstage during the first song, As I Am, with some microphone squeals at 2:09 and 2:50 being the most notible. The fans got a very good treat with Hollow Years that has shown up on several tour dates, but really shows John Petrucci's ability from one extreme to another.  Also was the infamous encore of Metropolis Pt 1 played in the middle of the set.  Could there be a treat in the end?  Fans were also treated to a drum solo by Mike Portnoy.  Shortly after that, it would John Petrucci's and Jorden Rudess' turn.  Personally, I am so glad to see this back into the set-lists of the shows this year, and from the sounds of it, the crowd agreed.    This show was very well balanced with music from all of their studio releases, and with the additions of the solo's, a very top-notch show!  The final treat of the night to an extremely favorable crowd approval, was the start of the film, Dead Poet's Society.....A Change of Seasons broke out.  This would be a night to remember. Overall, on the recording aspects of this show, the venue came into play.  Some distortion is noticable due to the tight area of the theater.  Grading this show against the other bootlegs in my collection, I give this a solid B+.


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