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Dream Theater

1. A Clockwork Orange (intro tape)
2. Overture 1928/
3. Strange Deja Vu
4. Fatal Tragedy (w/ altered intro)
5. The Great Debate
6. Another Day
7. New Millennium
8. Instrumedley:
I The Dance of Eternity
II Metropolis pt.1
III Erotomania
IV The Dance of Eternity
V Metropolis pt.1
VI A Change of Seasons
VII Ytsejam
VIII The Dance of Eternity
IX Paradigm Shift
X Universal Mind
XI The Dance of Eternity
XII Hell's Kitchen
9. The Spirit Carries On
10. Solitary Shell
11. Pull Me Under

Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Rai Beardsley
Tree Administration : Mark Flaugher


(2 Megs)


DREAM THEATER - 8/2/03 - 1CD - The Paramount Theater - Seattle WA
"Elephants Maintain Artistry & Balance.....with your tongue"
"Elephants Maintain Artistry & Balance With Your Tongue"

Comments on the audio :
Rating: A-

The band sounds like they were having a lot of fun.
Everything sounded tight, and they seemed to be playing very loose and enjoying themselves. There is great low end at this show. No matter how many times I hear Strange Deja Vu, I still have to headbang. They kill every time they roll this song out! Since SFAM is on of my favorite DT albums, I love that the first three songs played are off of this album! The crowd really gets involved during The Great Debate. Without being able to see it, it's almost as if James is egging them on and encouraging them. New Millennium was a definite crowd pleaser. Then the instrumedley, my God, the instrumedley. If this group of songs doesn't kick you square in the package every time you hear it, then there is something seriously wrong with you. Going from Paradigm Shift -> Heart & Soul -> Clown Music is the typical Dream Theater genius that we've all come to know and love. I always love it when they play The Spirit Carries On. It has so much power and movement for me. A funny side note, if you listen real close at 1:13 of TSCO, it sounds like Jordan's keyboard "farts". It was also very cool to hear Solitary Shell played as well. This is definitely a well balanced show.

When I listen to this show in my car, it sounds slightly (and do mean slightly) on the low end. But when I listen on the home stereo, it sounds fantastic.
So it might just depend on the system you are listening to it on. All in all a fantastic show and must have. Grading this against other shows in my collection, I give this a solid A-.

Review by: Shaun Hawk (YJ2K)

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