Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #12 & 23

7.2 Megs

800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1600 x 1200

800 x 600
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1152 x 864
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7.6 Megs


Under a Glass Moon
Peruvian Skies
Only a Matter of Time
A Mind Beside Itself
(Erotomania / Voices / Silent Man)
Metropolis Part I


The Spirit Carries On
Take Hold of the Flame


20th Centuary Fox Intro
My Global Mind
Screaming In Digital
I Am I
Jet City Woman
Silent Lucidity
I Remember Now / Anarchy X
Revolution Calling
Eyes Of A Stranger / Anarchy Xtra
Desert Dance
Best I Can



Disconnected / One
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray III
Point Of View
Pieces Of Me
Life In Still Water
sHUTDOWN (outro w/ MP)


Recorded by : Scott Hansen
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Erik Muna
Photos : Rai Beardsley
Distributed By :

Fates Warning / Queensryche / Dream Theater - 07/11/03
Audio 4CD -  Jones Beach- Wantagh, NY - REMASTERED
"Gaze Into The Prism" (GDT-R12)
"Praise Unto The Gism" (GDT-R23)

Comments on the audio :

The show is complete.

Based on a grading curve against the bootlegs in my collection, I would give this a listenable "Audiance Source - Rated A-/B+"

I want to mention first and foremost here, that this audio is not the same source as Xanadu Records / Sweet Music Group's "Caress Of Sands" DVD and unmastered and raw, gets a B+ Audience rating. This is prior to the audio remastering process.

The setlist, in particular "The Necromancer -> Baba O'Reily" makes the show. Other highlights include a perfect "Only A Matter Of Time" and Geoff and James trading off vocals on "Take Hold Of The Flame"

< Message edited by TheAntipop -- 8/31/2003 10:35:50 AM > - The Forum at

Just wanted to let people know that the branch leaders for the Grateful Dreams tree of this show (entitled "Gaze into the Prism" ) are starting to receive their copies, so it'll be Only a Matter of Time before this tree gets kicked off.

I got mine yesterday (thanks, SewerRat!) and it is one sweet show. The Necromancer > Baba O'Reily is something to behold. And to those who asked, no they didn't use Neil's voice over narration (probably a copyright issue). Jordan played the role of "rhythm guitar" (he actually used a Fender Rhoades-ish patch for the rhythm parts) and also busted out a few leads. JP nails the solos, paying homage to Alex Lifeson's style in a very cool way while adding his own flair to it. James sounded great, he nailed Ged's vocals, only going down an octave a few times (the "Brooding in the tower..." part most notibly).

Other highlights from the set... Only a Matter of Time was the absolute bomb! Sounded great, tight as a mosquito's ass. JP killed on the UAGM solo, as usual. A Mind Beside Itself was perfectly executed. And the encore was a real treat, with both QR and DT sharing the stage, and James and Geoff Tate trading off vocals on TSCO and Take Hold of the Flame. What was kind of funny was hearing the QR guitarists attempting to play the first part of the solo in TSCO. Of course, they didn't try to play it as JP did on the album, but it was very simplified. Then JP came in for the second part of the solo and showed 'em who's boss.

Anyway, when the tree is officially announced, you'd be a fool not to participate. This show is that good. Now I'm drooling in anticipation of the DVD.


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