Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #34

(Total Time 1:19:51)

1.   A Clockwork Orange (intro tape) 1:25
2.   Pull Me Under 8:43
3.   Under a Glass Moon 7:16
4.   The Great Debate 13:11
5.   Home (edited intro) 12:55
6.   Hollow Years 6:12
A Mind Beside Itself:
7.   I Erotomania 6:41
8.   II Voices (abridged) 8:13
9.   III The Silent Man (electric version) 5:04
10.   Metropolis part 1 10:11*

Metropolis was performed at a much faster tempo on this night as the band had to meet their curfew. The total time includes the band thanking the audience.

Recorded by : B.H.
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by : Yudhi Sutjiawan
Tree Administration : R. Beardsley

(CD Label / Tray Liner / Gatefold Cover)

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Tree Closed : 10/15/04
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Dream Theater - July 9th, 2003 - Fleet Pavillion / Boston MA
"The Miracle And The Speeder "

Comments on the audio : A- / B+

Tonight, Boston welcomes Dream Theater into town for another unforgettable show.  Sticking to their roots, Dream Theater opens the show with Pull Me Under, along with the extra 'fills' to keep things interesting.  The crowd presence on this night was definitely above average.  There were a lot of cheers, applause, and singing along present throughout the whole show.  Following PMU, we go into Under A Glass Moon which does nothing short of showcasing each player's talents, along with the drumming seizures of Mike Portnoy towards the climax of the song.  They definitely came to play.  After that song we break into The Great Debate with the steady strum of bass coming from John Myung.  Once again, later on in the show, one of my favorites were played - Hollow Years.  I had mentioned several months ago in another review how John Petrucci's solo playing in the middle of the song gave me goosebumps.... that still hasn't subsided.  Very outstanding.  Moving on in the show, we hit other DT staples of music with little 'extras' inserted into the mix.  But, we come down to the final song.  The situation is still being investigated, and once we find out who spiked the band member's bottled water bottles with caffeine, or slipped Flintstone vitamins into their pre-show pizza, we will pass along our findings to you!  Metropolis Pt I.  Accelerated.  Because of time constraints, instead of closing with another song, they decided to speed this up.  Once it became apparent when I heard it, I couldn't stop laughing.  I would have loved to have been there to see the squinting, grunting, epileptic episodes that must have been occurring with these guys.  This, in the end, was spectacular!  They definitely left their mark for the ages here in Boston.



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