Grateful Dreams Trading Tree #11

Intro (A Clockwork Orange)
Pull Me Under
Strange Deja-Vu
Scarred / Innocence Faded (outro)
The Great Debate
Peruvian Skies
The Spirit Carries On
Metropolis Part 1



Remastering : Matthew Johnston
Tree Administration : Rai Beardsley
8MB File Include Front Booklet / Tray / CD Label
Cover Art : Gergely Szabolcs

Dream Theater 6/29/03- Audio 1CD -  Tampa Bay PFC - Tampa Bay FL
"A Labyrinth Of Rules"

Comments on the audio :
The set is complete and without and skips or pops. However, the taper got excited during the start of "Voices" and screamed in joy. It must be his favorite song.
Aside from this, the show is great.

Based on a grading curve against the bootlegs in my collection, I would give this a listenable "Audience B"

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"The Labyrinth of Rules 2004
Gergely Szabolcs
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